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Diet and business travel?

So, DH and I are doing a 30-day workout/diet program together (which he so far calls " Deprivation and punishment" but that's another story). We're only on Day 2, and even though neither of us are loving it, I'm excited to see my results.

Aaaand then I found out that after next week, I need to go on a two week business trip, so half of the 30 days we were supposed to be dieting. I'll be staying in a hotel obviously, and probably eating out a lot for business. I'm not sure how to adapt the meals to eating out.

Should I just go back to eating normally for the two weeks? Or should I do my best to muddle through while traveling? Will a two-week break in the middle destroy the effects I'd get from the program (it's Jillian Michael's "Making the Cut" to lose 10 lbs in 30 days)? I don't want to make myself crazy while I'm traveling, but I feel bad just giving it up, too.

Re: Diet and business travel?

  • When I travel for business, I tend to stick to eating at places like Subway(or other sandwich shops) and Wendy's (their grilled chicken sandwiches, chili, baked potatoes, and salads are tasty and not too bad calorie-wise). ?For breakfast I tend to get an Egg McMuffin from McDonalds - it is only 300 calories, and with the protein in the egg and ham it tends to keep me full till lunch. ?Obviously you can't always eat this way if you have business dinners or whatever, but in that case I tend to stick to grilled chicken/fish or salads without lots of cheese/dressings.

    ?You definitely don't have to give up the diet for business travel. ?In fact, I sometimes think it is easier to eat better on my own than when I am home with DH.?

  • Stay on track while traveling.  I've done the whole diet thing while on business trips and it's actually not too bad.  Here's what I did to keep with it:

    -Use the hotel gym.  If you're staying on a high floor, run up and down the stairs for exercise.  Push ups, lunges, and crunches in your room.

    -Bring some of your own snacks if possible or stock up at the grocery store when you arrive.  I brought my own box of nutritious cereal, oatmeal, and some granola bars.  I've also brought small packets of whey protein shakes with me.  Then I use the continental breakfast to get milk for my cereal, grab some fruit, a yogurt, maybe a hard-boiled egg, and I'm good to go.  Avoid the muffins and pastries they provide.  Worthless sugary carbs, you'll crash halfway through the morning.

    - For lunch, if you have to eat on site, just make the best choices possible to eat a well-rounded meal.  If you have a choice of what to eat, go with Subway, some place with good salads, chicken sandwiches, even sushi without a lot of the sauces.  If you go to restaurants with coworkers just make a healthy choice.

    - Dinner - same as lunch.  Avoid alcohol or try to limit it.


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  • Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely give it my best - the diet might be a little too strict to maintain perfectly, but I think I can stay pretty close for those two weeks and then just pick it up again when I get back home.
  • I'm curious why you two are doing a diet program that you won't be able to even closely maintain in the long run and plan on eating again the way you were? What's the point? If you lose 10 lbs in 30 days then just go back to living how you did before you'll just gain the 10 lbs back and not really have done anything good for yourself.

    As for your trip, I think its possible to stay on a decent meal plan while traveling. Try to stay in a hotel with a breakfast bar. Have a low-fat yogurt, piece of fruit and whole grain toast or cereal.

    For lunches and dinners, make the healthiest choices you have possible and keep portions in check. Make use of the hotel gym and pool.

  • My weight has always been pretty much perfectly stable. I went overseas for a year, gained ten pounds, and since I came home, my weight has again been perfectly stable. So I'm sure that if I lose the ten pounds and go back to my normal eating habit, I'll be just fine.

    I'm not a continual gainer - it's a special situation that I need to make up for.  Pretty similar story for DH.

  • You should be able to drop 10lbs in less than 30 days. If you just try to eat healthy on your trip then when you get back you have 2 weeks to drop 6 or 7lbs. That's easy.

    I was on travel last week and I found that it was best when eating out to not finish your entire meal. I've read that restraunt portions are typically twice a typical portion (at least). I also tried to stick with chicken and fish and avoided pasta and red meat.

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