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My head hurts

I mainly lurk on 6-12mos on the Bump and occasionally post, but the past week or so has been just ridiculous. People pulling criminal records of other Nesties DHs, posting personal info (addresses), posing as other people and pretending their accounts are hacked, and then a ton of GBCN (as well as people being banned but of course being back in 2 seconds because they have other screennames)

I know we have our differences here sometimes, but seriously, this is the kind of stuff that junior high girls do to each other - (ok, maybe they wouldn't pull and post criminal records, but other than that it's about the same maturity level).

I hope someday all their Kadence's and Crymsyn's and Nevaeh's find out just how immature their moms were.

Re: My head hurts

  • Indifferent

    That is absurd...  Those Bump boards need full time mods to keep them on target or something... how is what they are doing being supportive regarding rasing a 6-12 mo old child?

    Potter the Wonder Doggie, and Todds_kid, Cooper :)
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  • I'm not in CO yet but I will be soon! I love your day in the life blog! Awesome idea! And your DD is soooooo cute!
  • Thanks!

    PS when you come to CO, bring cheese curds - I will love you forever!

  • ok i had to go check it out, out of curiosity, and thats nuts... I'm so glad I havent experienced something like that here!
    "Dear Lord, I would have loved to have held my babies on my lap and tell them about you, but since I didn't get the chance, would you please hold them on your lap and tell them about me?" DD 9/22/03 Our little sassypants! DS 4/10/10 My little man is growing so fast
  • 6-12 is completely nuts lately. I had been thinking about making the jump because I was tired of some of the 0-6 posts, but I decided no way after the last two weeks.?

    BTW, K, DH's family is from WI, and we get a big box of fresh cheese curds every Christmas. Sofa king good. ?

  • Soooo jealous!  Of course I get them when I go home (which isn't all that often) and I have my mom bring them out when she comes too.
  • I've been trying to keep up on 6-12 but missed a lot today.

    0-6 was so bad when i was there. It followed me to 6-12 which ?makes sense, but i thought once moms had babies that were more active and not always sleeping, they'd focus more on their babies. NOPE. There are some CRAZY women who sadly have kids...?


  • That's what I don't get - where do you have the time to be investing so much in other people's lives?  V isn't mobile yet, but obviously I still need to keep my eye on her and be interacting with her while she's awake (and she won't sleep unless you're holding her for a nap these days so that greatly limits what I can get done during naptime) And then there's the whole matter of taking care of the house and getting my paperwork done. How do these women have the time to be doing all this stuff?
  • I try to keep up at work but there always seem to be gaps and stuff is way out there, and most of the drama is from SAHMs which i just dont get.

    In reality, it's so FEW people and yet it is such a huge distraction on that board.?


  • I thought 0-6 was so bad when I first had E because of a lot of undiagnosed ppd and just normal hormone stuff. Then that group moved up, and a lot of the drama left, so I am guessing it is just those particular people that were creating it. I have to admit, it made me a little nervous about the number of people on here that have my info! Not that I have anything to hide, but people are nuts.?
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