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Larrisa and other pg ladies/mom's

So I was told my ob that aspertame was ok during pregnany and so was HFCS so correct me if I'm wrong. She told me Saccharine was the big no no. What's so bad about the aspertame?
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Re: Larrisa and other pg ladies/mom's

  • Nutmegs posted a rebutal to the HFCS commercials a few months ago.  I'm C&Ping here....

    Nutrition PSA - High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) Ads

    Have you all seen these? They highly irritate me with how much they simplify what is clearly not a natural ingredient and lay more doubt and misinformation in the mind of the viewer. They are made by the people trying to combat the decrease of purchases of their products that contain it. Why would they want to give you the whole truth?

    Here are their claims and my rebuttals:

    ? HFCS, table sugar, honey, and several fruit juices all contain the same simple sugars. Very simplified version of reality. HFCS is a modified version that combines fructose and glucose - not exactly the same as sucrose (table sugar). It is also broken down differently in the body.
    ? HFCS is safe and no different from other common sweeteners like table sugar and honey. You are always, always better off going with something natural than something that is modified through technology. Table sugar is not the best thing in the world, but it is more easily recognized by the body and broken down without causing the body to develop sucrose intolerance like HFCS does.
    ? HFCS has the same number of calories as table sugar. True - but these calories do not send messages to the brain to indicate that the body is getting fuller. This is the case for both sugar and HFCS. NEITHER are good for you.
    ? HFCS is equal in sweetness to table sugar. Again, this is because of modification in the sugar to increase the sweetness of the fructose.
    ? HFCS keeps foods fresh. It enhances fruit and spice flavors. It retains moisture in bran cereals and helps keep breakfast bars moist. In other words, HFCS is just added as a preservative. Instead of eating items with HFCS in them, eat bread that does not contain it (I use Pepperidge Farms), make your own breakfast bars (I have an excellent recipe for those who want it), and eat cereals that do not contain it. Also, no one should need to enhance the flavor of fruit - it tastes awesome by itself!!

    Please, please do not listen to these ads and pass along the information that they are feeding you B.S. HFCS is linked to obesity, sucrose intolerance, and diabetes. Do your one and only body right.

    Here are a few articles on the subject:



    Here is one that talks about the environmental effect of using HFCS:


    The end result, though, is that it still has lots of studies to be done. As the second article says, they have linked HFCS to obesity in animals, but not humans, yet. Same with artificial sweeteners, such as Splenda, aspartame, etc.

    here is another good one on the FDA's take on the "natural" stance:

    This one breaks down almost every one of my points as well: http://articles.merco...

  • To sum it up, I try not to touch the stuff, pregnant or not. And the pro HFCS ads are a joke. It's probably not going to kill your child or give them a birth defect, but it's just not good for either of your systems.

    And when these pro HFCS groups say it's fine in moderation... it is hard to have something in moderation which has made it's way into EVERYTHING you find on store shelves (and not at the bottom of the ingrediant lists either).?


  • It all depends on how you look at things.  I haven't been told by my ob/gyn to avoid either.  My RE, however, said to avoid all artificial sweetners.  I go through phases where I am a very, very healthy eater (not pregnant) and when I go through clean phases the first thing I dump is everything artificially processed.  Even not pregnant, this tends to make a big difference in how I feel which is enough to convince me that they aren't the healthiest

    HFCS isn't going to harm your baby, but your bodies response to it tends to be more dramatic than the response to real sugar in terms of insulin spikes and lows.  Not such a good thing if you want to avoid things like GD.

    I'm just trying to be as healthy an eater as possible.  A diet soda isn't the end of it all and moderation is key :)  PG or not eating this way makes me feel more 100%, KWIM?  and one thing that I am loving is that I feel pretty darn good and energetic despite growing another human :)


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  • My OB said they were fine too & caffeine in moderation.  I can attest that you can have a beautiful, healthy, baby & normal pregnancy consuming all of what you mentioned to some degree or another--LOL!  I know lots of people have problems getting, having healthy babies & staying pregnant (preterm labor seems very common here) but I am certainly not a healthy eater, have weight issues, etc & have never had any of these issues.
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  • I've been trying to keep my eye on the ingredients well before being pg, but am more so aware of it now.  It is very difficult to buy everything without either of those ingredients in it without spending a fortune, but on the things you eat a quite a bit of, it's worth noticing.  I have heard that the effects of aspartame are unproven on babies, and I've been keeping my eye out on HFCS for awhile.

    Random Case in point:  snack pack puddings.  I was craving tapioca the other day, and was ready to pick up the jello brand, which had about 10+ ingredients, including HFCS and other miscellaneous preservatives.  I checked out the Cozy Shack brand right next to it, and it had milk, sugar, etc. and was much simpler.  Still tastes pretty darn good to me!  I try and think about in regards to if I was making it myself what would we put in it? 

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  • Ditto chrissy-wyobride.  In fact, my OB told me to pick aspartame over splenda because there was little to no research about the effects of splenda on a fetus and better the evil you know (which in mild to moderate consumption, little impact supposedly).  Regardless, both mean you are putting unnecessary chemicals and additives into your body.  So I don't 100% avoid them but I do limit my intake far more than when I'm not pg.

    DD -- 5YO
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  • Ditto Larrisa.  I haven't been told they're dangerous and to avoid, but I feel so much better when I don't eat HFCS, etc.  I cannot ingest aspartame, and neither can my mom.  We both have similar neurological reactions that both of our doctors (independently) think is directly from it:  nausea, vomiting, facial numbness that quickly extends down arms and legs, ringing in the ears, tunnel vision, tremors...There have been some reports of aspartame causing seizures.  There are so many options that I simply avoid aspartame like the plague! 

    My aunt is insulin dependent diabetic and was told during her pregnancy to minimize her intake of aspartame, but she didn't need to avoid it completely.  After her daughter was born and started having diabetic symptoms, they went to the Barbara Davis center and they were told not to give her young daughter any artificial sweetener, to stay with natural ingredients. 

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