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What are your plans for 4th of July?

Re: What are your plans for 4th of July?

  • We dont usually do anything but we will have my stepdaughter with us, so we need to find fireworks some where.
  • I was supposed to go to CT and spend it with my bff, but because flights cost so much, I had to flake. I feel like an a-hole, and now I have no plans at all.
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  • 5k and fireworks
  • We are going swimming at my grandma's (she lives a mile away) and then we are coming home, laying a blanket on the front lawn and watching all the neighbors do illegal fireworks.  YIPPEE.

    I'm trying to find someone who's bbqing on my street so I can make this dessert...  Pomagranate Panna Cotta.... I just don't want to do a whole meal, just the dessert. LOL

  • We're headed up to SF. If it doesn't look like it will get too foggy we might head down to the waterfront for the fireworks show.
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  • We're probably just going to have some friends from LA and NYC over, and we have oot guests, so no biggie.  I'm doing a 10k that day though, not sure what the hell got into me when I reg'd for it but ohwell.  Free T shirt.
  • Vegas and having the time of my life
  • driving to missouri.
    merry everything!

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  • image ssinca:
    driving to missouri.

    Get me a souvenir when you pass through Mississippi!

  • a cow, perhaps?  a cow would blend in really well with your other black and white furry things.
    merry everything!

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  • Beach House on Balboa during the day and Disneyland for fireworks at night. On the 5th, MH and I will have been together for 8 years and on Sunday it's our 1 year wedding anniversary.


  • not a darn thing. ?:/
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  • We're going to an LA Galaxy game.  Got great seats for $50!  My area has become like New Orleans during Mardi Gras so I don't want to be around painted on bikins and passed out frat boys.  I'm too old for that shiit.
  • Angels game. Every year DH says that we should have done that instead of whatever we did. This year we're actually going :)
  • I just found out we are going to the Angels game, too! BIL got us Diamond Club tix! Wheeeee!
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  • How fun Jess! ?I'll wave from my crappy seat! ;)
  • We're going to a party at my BFF's home....pool lounging.......Taco Cart and a fabulous firework show at a park nearby! Yay!  New remodel and New Baby Belly!  Can't wait! Good times!
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  • We'll probably be going to the usual barbecue and fireworks gtg with H's aunt and her husband's family (we've been "adopted" by that side since both sets of parents and siblings live far away).
  • My BIL has a huge party every year with the taco man and a margarita machine! From his house you can see all the fireworks from the local schools/ cities, Disneyland, Angel Stadium, etc.
  • crappy bbq at a crappy friend's house.
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