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Gift ideas for a friend...

My best friend from childhood is getting married in 11 weeks (she was just a bridesmaid in my wedding in november and caught the bouquet, woohoo!) and we can't afford the 3,000 mile away trip for me to be in the wedding party so her maid of honor asked me to write a speech which I thought was really cool.  I was going to send a certificate for her to spend a few hours at a local spa (like she did for me out here on my wedding day) but the girls are already doing that with her which is cool but now I have to figure out another gift that would be just as enjoyable.  Now I'm thinking of just making a great package but I want it to be really special...I thought about putting together a memory box with childhood pictures etc in it and then put her wedding gift in there..but I don't know.  What would you do?

Re: Gift ideas for a friend...

  • imoanimoan member
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    I think a memory box would be great.  Maybe a box decoupaged with words and inside jokes from your childhood.  Include childhood photos, maybe things like ticket or concert stubs for things you did together.  I would give her a wedding gift that you could say "Begin to create your OWN memories"... maybe a really nice picture frame or a beautiful bound leather album to hold photos from their honeymoon.
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  • Aw those are great ideas, thank you! :)
  • Is there any way you can record you speech and send it that way?  I think that would add to the personal nature of such a speech.  Ditto on the creating new memories with hubby box!
  • I don't have a video camera but that would be a great idea, I'll try to see if I can borrow one.  Thanks for the suggestion!  I love it.
  • You could always think of something to include that she could count as her 'borrowed' (or new, or old, or blue, for that matter) item, if she's doing the old/new/borrowed/blue, as you've already been married.  You could include blue nail polish (I painted my toenails blue as extra good luck) and you could include other 'lucky charms' such as a penny with her birth year for her shoe, or a horseshoe charm, etc.  You're so lucky that she caught your bouquet!  The woman who caught mine has been married and divorced already...i yi yi, where do the years go?
  • You can still do the spa day certificate.  I don't know about you, but I had quiet a few stressfully wedding planning days that I would have greatly appreciated this gift in advance of the wedding!!! 

    Personally, I wouldn't do the memory box thing.  I think these things are all about the giver not the giftee.  For example, if you are giving things that you  and I have done together, obviously I was there too, so I already have MY ticket stub.  If I don't have the ticket stub, then I don't have it for a reason.  Don't give me something I have already thrown out.

    Instead, I would give her something that she could use often.  For example, I have this little creamer pitcher that my dear friend gave me.  Every Sunday when we have pancakes, I use it to heat up the syrup and I think of her.  Or when I use our little tiny-tiny bowls.  I smile because I love my bowls and think of the friend that thought to give them to us.

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  • Could you do your "speech" via a PowerPoint presentation? You could include pictures and music along with a heartfelt tribute.

    For a gift, consider buying a spa date for her and her DH on their HM or spring for a special dinner.

  • I like the power point speech idea, but only if the bride and groom are very excited by the idea. Otherwise, just send the speech for someone to read.

    For the gift? I'd get something real and lasting. A gold bangle bracelet, with their wedding date engraved inside; or an engraved gold locket; something timeless, elegant and beautiful, that will always remind her of you. Spa days are great but impersonal.

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