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Spice this place up!

Lately it seems like this place is all about birth control so we need to get this back to SEX & Romance! Name your current favorite sex position. Bonus points if you add a link that explains how to do it!

Re: Spice this place up!

  • Ok, I'll go first. The new favorite of ours is called the Lotus. FYI, this site is NSFW!
  • Our "usual" favorites are missionary for me, and me on top for him.  But when we decide to do a different position, some of our faves are him sitting on this lounger chair that sits low to the ground and leaned back a little, with me sitting on top of him, facing him;  this one position when we're on the couch which is basically missionary, but I have my left leg propped up on the side of the couch and we're both turned to the side a little bit, which just gives us a different angle that feels great for both of us.  Hopefully I can get some great new ideas to try here. Big Smile
  • One that feels really good for me is him kind of standing on his knees on the bed, me laying on my back, and he holds my hips up in the air, level to his. It's a great angle, straight to the G! We've also put pillows underneath me (instead of him holding me up) and has almost the same effect.
  • Depends on our moods.


    We always start missionary but then move on to others. Idk what they're all called. One is my butt lifted into the air (kind of resing on his thighs) and my legs resting on his shoulders (laying on my back) and him kneeling. Lately, we have really been enjoying reverse cow girl (me on top @ss facing him). And doggy is always a favorite/finisher. We don't always do it, but it always results in the best O.


    Its hard to say because we switch in the middle a lot. I like to feel his weight on top of me, esp. lying on my stomach. When I've been doing my yoga, I like to be on my back with my legs folded indian-style against his chest. He seems to like being on his side while I'm on my back with my legs over him, I think its because he can see everything.

     I also like just like spooning position, but turned with my arms outstretched pushing on the bed so I'm sort of propped up on them- gives me more control.

  • My current fave is him sitting in the computer chair and me on top rocking back and forth. It kinda reminds me of a mechanical bull without the bull. lol. 
  • My current fav that feels the best for me is him sitting up and me facing him sitting up also. I also love it from behind with me laying down obviously starting out slow but then going crazy after a while!!!

  • Come on ladies!! This has had over 400 views and only 7 have posted on it. :) I'm gonna have to try some of the ones mentioned on here there!
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