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GTG this Sunday! - official headcount and details

Here's the relevant info ladies:

Sunday, March 29, 5:30 (-ish. Show up early if you want.)

The Jones Bistro

8824 Roosevelt Way NE

in Maple Leaf, corner of 89th & Roosevelt


A few of you are veterans at The Jones, so you know this stuff, but for those who don't:?


Please bring cash, as it's WAAAAYYY easier to take care of the bill if everyone can just throw some cash in rather than running a million credit cards. ?Especially since, with our archaic POS, it's near impossible to do separate checks for large parties.


With parties of 6 or more, we generally add an 18% gratuity to the bill so the servers don't get screwed.?


Also, feel free to order food as you arrive, or in smaller groups, rather than waiting for every last person to show. ?Our kitchen is small and has a hard time accommodating huge orders all at once.


Phew. ?I'm done. ?I promise. ?Stick out tongue


SO - who all is in? ?I see from the other thread that we're expecting Sayulita, kaskade, steph_august, BallroomBride and me. ?WHO ELSE???

Re: GTG this Sunday! - official headcount and details

  • Why can't the Jones be in Covington?? ;) Seriously I hate that I always miss those GTG's ... some day ... some day it will happen! Have fun ladies!!
  • moho, you need to franchise a jones in hawaii :)
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  • Aw, man!  How did I miss that there was going to be a GTG?  This is what happens when I actually work full-time and don't spend my days on the nest.  Sad  I'll have to try to make the next one!
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  • Hi Michelle - I'm a maybe.  Depends on how I'm feeling.  :-)
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  • Aww...looks like I'm going to miss this one!! Bummer! I was really looking forward to it.

    Have fun, ladies :)

  • I will be out of town but really upset that I am going to miss the Jones yet again!
  • i've been wanting to try out the Jones since i've heard it about it on the nest!  it's my mom's bday this sunday so unfortunately i won't be able to make it.  Maybe my hubby will trek up there one of these days to check it out!  i'll try to make it to the next gtg...
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  • Just bumping this thread to the top to make sure it doesn't get buried. ?:)
  • image LMichelleG:
    Why can't the Jones be in Covington?? ;)

    Seriously!   Now that I (hopefully) wont be working in northgate anymore, I probably wont be making it to many Jones gtg's  =(

  • Lynch & Ig, I was hoping to meet the babes!  [Maybe too much of an adventure for them, but I want to meet the cuties in person:)]
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  • Im sure we can arrange something once IG gets back into town, Kaskade =)
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