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Book Rave

Yes, I LOVE to read, and I will usually read anything and everything. I have been reading a lot of Young Adult literature, mainly because I like to be up to speed with what my students are reading and I want to be able to talk to them about it.

All year they have been RAVING about this book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I loved that they were so enthusiastic about a book, but I was out when I heard it was about vampires.

I am NOT NOT NOT into fantasy. AT ALL. I was scarred by A Swiftly Tilting Planet in 4th grade and I haven't been able to get into fantasy ever since.

However, the description of this book had me interested, so much so that I have had TWO dreams about it, so I finally told my students I would read it this summer.

I started it when I got home earlier and I have NOT BEEN ABLE TO PUT IT DOWN! Seriously, I am loving it.

MH came home, all excited with his first paycheck in 7 months, wanting to take me out to dinner, and I was BUMMED because I wanted to keep reading this book.

I was thinking about the dang book all during dinner AND frozen yogurt AND the trip to the store where I got myself a new bike. I just got home and I was about to pick it up and dive back in, but I wanted to post about it first. :-)

Anyway, if you are looking for a good book to read...pick it up! I'm still in the middle, but I predict I will be staying up ALL night finishing it.

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Re: Book Rave

  • It's funny that you mention this book, I keep hearing about it from students everywhere I go. I'm really not into fantasy but I figured there must be something to it for all of these kids to love it. I haven't picked it up but I considered it. Based on your review I'm going to go get it :) Thanks Jess, I'll keep you posted!
  • I'll add it to my list of must reads!
  • I finished it last night...all 500 pages. :-

    I drove past my freeway exit this morning because I was thinking about it.

    So. Good.

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  • imageYoung_Love:

    I finished it last night...all 500 pages. :-

    I drove past my freeway exit this morning because I was thinking about it.

    So. Good.


    I really hate it when I finish a book that completely engrossed me. Such a letdown. 

  • thanks for the rec. i'll have to check this out.

  • Oooh, interesting!
  • I told you!!!!  My students bugged me forever to read it, and I finally did.  Soo good!!

    I also just read the next one, New Moon.  Just as good!  I'm excited to read Eclipse and the new one that comes out this summer too.  I actually still have New Moon, it's on loan from a student, but since I wont see her till August, I'm sure I can lend it to you.  I just need it back before school starts.  Let me know!

  • Thanks Kim! I went to the library during our nutrition break and the librarian gave me a copy of New Moon! We are having extended silent reading so Mrs. Y_L can read her dang book. :-)

    One of my students told me that after the 4th one comes out in August, there will be another one that will be a retelling of Twilight from Edwards point of view!!!!!! Can't wait!

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  • OMG, I think one of the summer school kids took my book and hid it!!!!


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  • YL...I thought you gave me a leg up with my SD.  I thought I was going to be cool and recommend these books to her.  Apparently I'm behind the times because she's already read the whole series.   Oh well, I still have to read it myself.

  • I just finished New Moon. I read too fast. :-
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