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What should I do


Re: What should I do

  • Have we considered the possibility that the poster has a drug addiction problem and her DH is enlisting the aid of her family and friends to try to get her help? ?It is another set of facts that fits the actions described in her post.
  • Reading and looking at your post and story. It seems that your husband is taking advantage of your weakness. He knows that you dont like your family to know about your fights and that is where he is attacking you. If he has lied to you before and will always threaten you in your weakest point, then it looks like your relationship will be nowhere to go further until both of you resolve your issues well and commit in making it work.

     Your relatives and parents arent reacting as they may not be listening to your husband and trust you more as their daughter or relative. What kind of husband is he when he is the one "crushing" your identity and personality to your parents and relatives?

    Be careful and for me, I would not give in to this belittling myself and threatening me on my weakness. A partner should be a supportive on and not a destroyer.


  • Sounds like you both don't trust each other...Not a good foundation for a relationship and something you both really need to work on. GL!
  • Well, I'm kind of a b!tch, but I'd serve copies of the divorce papers to all of your families and friends at the same time they're served on your DH.  


  • I can't even imagine how stressful life would be with this guy. The very thought of having to deal with someone like this on a daily basis.. I'd be a widow.
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