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I am so glad it's friday. Although I may have to do OT tommorrow but at least it's extra money and only till 12pm. I'm so bummed though in all the excitement of the drs appt yesterday I forgot I was suppose to go and register DD for swim classes. So now I have to wait for the next session.

Anyway what is everyone plans for the weekend?

My parents are taking DD for the weekend so that we can clean do yardwork and start getting ready for her bday party. I also have a haircut tommorrow and maybe some shopping for some new clothes and a new front door.

Re: TGIF!!!!!!!!

  • Happy Friday!

    Tomorrow, I'm getting a mani and pedi, then DH, Sarah and I are going to JC Penny's to get professional pics taken.  Then tomorrow night, DH and I are going out to dinner with some new friends.  My mom's still visiting so we've got a babysitter!  It's been a long time since DH and I went out without Sarah - the last time my mom visited! 

    No plans for Sunday...probably just a lot of relaxing!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers
  • I am SOOO happy it is Friday! woohoo! My sister is starting here at my work (on a project for a couple weeks), so I will be busy training her this morning.

    I think my mom is taking Eric tonight. My parents usually have Eric on Friday nights. They need their weekly fix ; )


    We have absolutely no plans this weekend, and that feels great.


  • Good morning. I went to destination maternity last night. That store has won my heart. Brandy, Becki, Kat have to go there. It's the one stop place to shop. :)

    I think I am just going to get some cleaning done this weekend. Monday I think I might head over to cabazon to return some clothes I bought for H. Other than that I have a boring weekend planned.

  • Oh Kristy I meant to ask you how you liked it! I thought about heading down there and going to Right Start, but when I got home, Eric fell asleep immediately.
  • Luckily I was pressed for time and couldn't go in there. I spent enough money yesterday without buying stuff there. ;)
  • TG TG TG TG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It hit me yesterday that it was Thursday. I can't wait for this week to be OVER. I need a nice long day of sleeping. This whole week I've been up through out the whole night having to pee, hot or because my legs are super itchy :( it sucks.

    Last night was interesting. we went out last night to have dinner w/a friend aaaannnnnnd I ate 3 carne asada tacos. I can't explain it but I wanted them bad. I enjoyed every bite but I feel weird about it today. Not regretful weird just weird, weird.

    YAY IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!

    Kristy: Thanks for the rec. I've already bought a few new pieces 2 sizes up. They fit me loose comfortable now & I can grow into them. I'll have to drag paul there. hee hee

  • I'm going to disneyland, yay!! Too bad I'll miss out on all the good rides :( I think that calls for a churro.
  • MM tell me you get the chocolate sauce to dip it in. I miss Disneyland churros. And turkey legs. And Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and Peter Pan...ack! I'm so jealous!
  • It's still worth the trip! We arrived a couple of hrs before the first Fantasmic! began.....I napped while Paul made a food run. Good times :)
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