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Roth IRA question

cbee817cbee817 member
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edited May 2017 in Money Matters
DH and I have our Roth IRA accounts with Fidelity. Right now it's all in the Fidelity 500 Large Blend fund (FUSVX). Once we contribute for 2017, we'll have enough to divide each of our accounts between that fund, small cap (FSSVX), and mid cap (FSCKX). I'm trying to keep expense ratios low (< .1%) for the Roth IRAs. My 401k and DH's 403b have a higher expense ratio (.67% and .31%) given that they are target date funds through our employers. 
Are there any other index funds to consider or is this diverse enough for our Roth IRA accounts? TIA

Re: Roth IRA question

  • labrolabro member
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    edited May 2017
    I have about 40% of my large cap funds in VFINX. The expense ratio is 0.14% so not sure if meets what you're looking for...but it has performed well since I bought into it.

    I was looking at my other funds. The only other ultra low fund I'm invested in is NOSIX (0.10%). It generally seems to do ok, 4 stars on Morningstar. The price per share is much much lower than the Vanguard fund but I generally see more significant returns with my Vanguard so IMO that one is the better one for me so far. I haven't been in the market long enough with either of these to truly sound super educated on it but at least it's a starting point?
  • Maybe you'd want to diversify your retirement and put some with another company in the mid- and low-cap funds still with low expenses? 
  • cbee817cbee817 member
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    edited May 2017
    @MommyLiberty5013 - I'm hoping to keep everything in one spot and the fidelity index funds are comparable to vanguard. I moved the minimum amount over to the mid cap fund this week and I'll do the same for small cap when we fund our roths for 2017 in August. Hopefully that's balanced enough. Once we have extra beyond maxing 401k, 403b, Roths, emergency fund, and 529 plans, we'll probably put money into the total market index fund (FSTVX) to help build some gains on buying new cars in 12+ years.. that probably won't happen until 2020 though, but I like to plan ahead. 
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