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Book Question - not really MM

I love to read and I love it even more when I have time to do it!  Over the weekend I spent some much needed "me" time at Barnes and Noble.  I found a beautiful, hard cover, classic copy of Little House on the Prairie.  My niece currently has a well loved copy and I thought about buying her the nice hard cover.  A few weeks ago a coworker told me that she had recently purchased a classic copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland because she wanted her "personal library" to look nice.  

So my question: do any of you have special copies because they look nicer?
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Re: Book Question - not really MM

  • cbee817cbee817 member
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    DH is an English teacher so he has quite a few of those hardcover books from B&N. They're all classics- he is rereading a few and I'm sure the girls will read them. They have the Alice one too and Charlotte's web. We have Peter Pan and Black Beauty stashed away for DD#1's birthday. It's something a little special- I always loved the hardcover chapter books I had growing up. 
  • When I was a home stager we would buy up hard cover books, no matter the subject, whenever thrift stores were having sales.  We would take the paper covers off and they would look way nicer sitting on bookshelves than paperbacks or whatever.  
  • labrolabro member
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    Sometimes if I see a cool, maybe old hardcover copy of a book I'll buy it...but not normally. I'm pretty hard on my books because i re-read them all the time and I'd hate to ruin an expensive copy.
  • We have a couple (DH recently bought one of those nicer hardcovers of Arabian Nights). We didn't already have a copy so we went with the pretty one, but I wouldn't go out of my way to replace an old copy with a shiny new one. In fact for my favorite books I love re-reading my decades old, beat up, dog-eared copies that made me first fall in love with a story - it's like seeing an old friend you haven't talked to in awhile. 
  • I actually prefer my "well loved" copies of my favorite books.  My copy of Gone With the Wind (paperback) is almost falling apart.  I wouldn't buy a new copy just to have a "pretty" binding.
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  • hoffsehoffse member
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    So for awhile I had a subscription to the Easton Press - it was a cool gift somebody gave me.  I received a leather-bound copy of a famous book once a month.

    I have paperback copies of most of those books because the leather ones are too pretty to read.  They make nice decor though!

    Recently I've gotten into audiobooks.  H and I used to buy used audiobooks at this incredible used bookstore in Nashville and listen when driving between Nashville and B'ham while he was still in law school.  That was pretty great, although the CD format could get messy. Now we have an audible subscription that we get a lot of use out of.  I. Am. Obsessed.
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  • csuavecsuave member
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    The short answer is no, but I get where you are coming from. 

    I'm not a person that likes clutter so I'll only keep a book if I am fairly sure I'll read it again and I usually like the lower cost of the paperback in the first place so I mostly have paperbacks.

    The one book I would possibly do this for is the Bible.  My current version is an old highlighted paperback with a graphic from a teenage youth convention on the just doesn't seem very "The Book."  But I'm not going to judge it by the cover--book pun intended  ;)
  • I had an aunt that for a few years liked to buy nice hardcover editions of famous books for gifts.  I've never opened them in any real sense.  They're upstairs in a box somewhere.  We're just not really book people.
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