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We are getting some work done to re-gravel our driveway, extend our parking pad/driveway down to where the new shed/garage will go and also excavate the location of where the base of the shed will be.

We met with two companies/guys to discuss the scope of the work. One got back to us with his quote within 4 days of our meeting. The second guy has yet to provide his quote and has not responded to my DH's calls to his cell phone - it's been eight days (including Easter weekend) since we met him here.

Now, this was just a holiday weekend, and these guys are also farmers, and many are into field work in the area too. But, at what point do you just go with the quote you got and cut the other guy loose due to a slow/non-response?

In your opinion, what is a reasonable amount of time to make a customer wait for a quote?

Re: Quotes?

  • I would probably give him until the end of this week before giving up on him. Although I would seek out another quote from a third company just to make sure the first quote isnt crazy.
  • I would go find other companies to get quotes from unless you're actually happy with the other one you have.  If the second company isn't responding now when it's just time to get a quote, how responsive will they be later?
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  • I would get another quote. 
  • It is just crazy to me when businesses ignore potential customers.  Yet, you see it all the time.  I'd also want at least one other quote for comparison.  I think a week is a long enough time.  Especially to not even call back with a, "Sorry!  I don't have it yet.  Excuse, excuse.  I'll get it to you later this week."  Or something.

    It wouldn't hurt to keep trying to get the quote.  But, in the meantime, I'd be calling a third or fourth company to get another one.

  • so when DH built his studio he had to basically be the general contractor and look for a lot of the different contractors.  It completely amazed me how long if ever they would return a quote.  Personally in my business I get back to you within 48 hours but I'm not a contractor.  Maybe give it 1 more week but look for another business for an additional quote.
  • Another vote for finding a couple other quotes. I'm personally a fan of price comparison shopping, you never know what you'll find.

    Slightly OT but on the topic of contractors not returning calls, when DH and I bought our house we did a ton of updates right away, and we were completely in over our heads (young & naive). We were desperate for help with installing baseboards (we didn't have the tools or know-how to do it, or the patience - we were already months into what we thought would be a 2-week remodel....hahaha). So my dad suggested we call a personal contact of his who was a contractor and actually had remodeled my childhood bedroom many years ago. So we called, played phone tag, told him I'm so-and-so's daughter who just bought a house in hometown and am desperate for help. He responded with a couple short & flighty calls saying he was driving and he'll call me back. He never called me back. It turns out he was running for state government at that time, which I understand that he was busy with that, but at least have the courtesy to tell me he can't help us! Instead he strung us along saying he'd call back, and we wasted a couple weeks of project time. We were practically ready to fling money at him, and he couldn't call us back. You can be sure who didn't get our vote! And I'm still irritated about it :p
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    You can also use to get a range of prices for a project in your area. Now that I've thought about it more for certain smaller projects I haven't bothered to shop around if the first quote met my expectations and fell within the range I found online. Our fence and front stairs had massive price differences between contractors, but we also just ordered new carpet for the main stairs in our house and since the quote came in $500 under my top budget for what I wanted to spend, and well within the average I found online I didn't bother to get another quote. I'm also running up against a deadline in that I need safe stairs before I bring home the baby in 3 months lol!
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