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TTC/3T Check-In

**Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!***

Where are you at in your TTC journey? 

Any testing coming up?

Anything good or bad happening? (TTC wise or just in life..)

QOTW: What are you thankful for this holiday season? <3 <3

TTC since 3/2012 
DH - 36; nml swimmers; Me - 36; almost no AMH (last 0.081), low AFC, nml FSH/LH
Clomid + IUI #1 (6/2013) - BFN; #2 (7/2013) - BFFN
IVF 1.0 5R/5F/2T (ET 6/11/2014) - no frosties, but BFP 8dp5dt (EDD 3/1/2015) 
Lost our sweet baby boy, Lincoln Alexander 10/3/2014 (19w)
IVF 2.0 - ER 3/25/2015 - 3R ZERO mature.
Ovaries are done...
DE IVF ER - 12/2/2016 (17R/10F = 8 frosties); FET 1.0 (1/27/2017) - BFP 6dp5dt (EDD 10/16/2017)

Re: TTC/3T Check-In

  • Waiting, waiting, waiting.

    Stuff is happening, but slowly.  My goal was to be live by Christmas, but at this rate, who knows.  I hate waiting.  It's no one's fault - just a lot of back and forth and collecting documents and paperwork and writing things and getting pictures put together, etc.  

    I'm soooo ready for this long weekend.  We're having Thanksgiving at our house, then I have big Black Friday plans (seriously, I LOVE Black Friday), wine tasting on Friday afternoon, a football game on Saturday.  I just hope it'll be relaxing.  I have a great ability to stress out way more than I should over little things.

    QOTW: I'm just grateful to be in this place at this time in our lives, with the people who I love the most.  My heart is full this Thanksgiving.  
    Formerly iloveredvino.

    Started TTC in 2010, dx PCOS
    August 2012 - baby boy born still
    IUIs and IVF blah blah blah
    IVF #1 - miscarriage
    FET#1 - BFN
    FET#2 - BFN
    IVF#2 - froze all embryos for genetic testing
    FET#1 Round 2 - Baby Boy born in 2015
    FET#2 Round 2 - CP/BFN
    Started the domestic infant adoption process - Oct 2016

  • 1 - 6 months and I'm somewhere in the middle of my cycle

    2 - Nope no testing

    3 - I'm feeling much more relaxed this month - focusing on accomplishing things with the holidays around the corner.

    4 - Although I'm in a better state of mind 4 babies were born on my FB feed and I found out a girl is 5 months pregnant at yoga and we started TTC around the same time - took them only 1 month.  That kinda bummed me out but I'm ok now.  There must be a reason I'm not aware of for TTC taking much longer this time around - I'm thinking it would be cool to get pregnant around the holidays.

    5 - I'm thankful for my family and our health.  Also my body for taking me thru this awesome yoga journey.
  • @ilovewhitevinotoo you're nuts. Black Friday is one of my least favorite things ever. I'll think of you after I sleep in however

    Married August 2009

    3 years. 5 losses.

    Our rainbow baby boy born 11.16.15

  • A lot of stores have already started their black friday deals.  Went to Old Navy last weekend for the 50% off.  Bought DD a doll from target and got 25% off.  I'm sure we will go out friday but I always sleep in .  No way to do I get up early for deals unless I can do it from home on my laptop.
  • Where are you at in your TTC journey?

    In the dreaded TWW of cycle 2. Currently 4DPO.
    Any testing coming up?

    Going to try to hold out until December or December 3 (AF due Dec. 3)

    Anything good or bad happening? (TTC wise or just in life..)

    Today is ok. I am excited that I was able to officially confirm O after 3 days of temp rises. But I am not happy in that I have been having bad back pains and tingling fingers. So probably need to see my chiropractor soon.

    QOTW: What are you thankful for this holiday season? 

    Thankful for my family, my pups and my DH. Life is pretty good overall.
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  • vlagrl35vlagrl35 member
    500 Comments 100 Love Its First Anniversary Name Dropper
    edited November 2016
    @bmo88 you and I are very similar in cycles.  I'm assuming I O'd last Saturday because I noticed EWCM when going to the bathroom.  My AF starts that first week of Dec but as always I will get spotting a few days prior to give me a heads up.
  • @vlagrl35: I have had a hard time distinguishing between "watery" and I guess just normal CM, especially after O. I thought I had watery like CM yesterday and I entered it into FF and it freaked out on me saying my O may not have happened...but really, it's definitely different than FW CM, but it's not sticky or creamy. It's just....there. lol
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  • @bmo88 - It's tricky but I think I finally figured it out.  I don't check internally - the last 2 months I've noticed as I went to the bathroom.  Last month it started dripping watery fluid before I even peed.  Then last weekend as I wiped it was on the toilet paper all stretchy   at least and inch.  All other CM that comes out of me I don't care about lol.  I've learned to to get hopefull of pregnancy unless I have lots of creamy CM leading up to AF - that's what I had with DD.  I remember thinking it was usually dry that time of the month and it was weird to be so much and creamy.  Right now I'm pretty dry on the CM side so I'm not really hopeful this cycle though we aren't that far out from O so I guess there is still a chance.  DH and I have had really good timing all month with BD - every 2 to 3 days.  I thought it would be better to build the sperm up.  We basically just had sex when we wanted to and not make it a chore.
  • @vlagrl35: Yeah I guess it is a learning process. My last cycle, I had a lot of creamy CM right before AF. It was my first cycle of BC (just stopped it 3 weeks before my AF started), so I didn't know what to look for. I am fairly dry and at times a little wet right now, but only 5DPO, so not sure how that bodes for this cycle overall.
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  • @bmo88 I'm sure it varies person to person.  I'm already trying to figure out what day CD3 will be for me next month.  I decided to get blood work done in December.  Just didn't want to think about it in November.  I buy the blood order from my chiro and then take it to the lab here to get it done.  Then the 2nd blood test is 7 days after I ovulate so I will have to OPK next month.  If everything comes out in the normal range that's all the testing I want for now - nothing more invasive until the 1 year mark.   I can tell DH is really optimistic about it right now.  I wish I could be too.
  • Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Married: 10/13/2013
    TTC #1: Mirena removed 5/26/2015; DH - normal SA, me - diagnosed with PCOS 8/4/2016 - on Metformin;
    BFP - 10/29/2016!!!, EDD - 7/8/2017
  • Happy Thanksgiving to you too @lfk2013 hope everything is well with you.
  • Thanks! Everything seems to be going well. Saw the little alien last Monday along with a heartbeat. I go back this coming Friday for another peak (it's the RE's standard). I'm not sure when they would "graduate" me since I had to move my first OB appointment to 12/22 because of work. FX everything continues to go well. :)
    Married: 10/13/2013
    TTC #1: Mirena removed 5/26/2015; DH - normal SA, me - diagnosed with PCOS 8/4/2016 - on Metformin;
    BFP - 10/29/2016!!!, EDD - 7/8/2017
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