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Weird growth on dog's leg?

So my dog got a little bump on the inside of her rear right leg two weeks ago that looked kind of like a raised scab. It has doubled in size in the past two weeks and is now red and round with what looks like a little horn or scab in the middle. My first thought was hystiocytoma, but it doesn't really look like photos I've seen of one. I'm going to the vet to have it biopsied next week but any thoughts in the mean time? I'm hoping it is just some random growth and not a mast cell tumor.

Has anyone seen a red blister looking bump on their dog with a rough spike of scabby skin in the middle?

Re: Weird growth on dog's leg?

  • Here's some photos:




  • Absolutely get it checked by the vet, but looks like a wart to me.  My dog gets them frequently and I use on them.  Apply to the wart only, in a few days it will turn black and fall off.

    *Only do this after it has been checked by a vet! PLEASE!

  • My white boxer had something like this but a lot bigger years ago. We had it cut off, and it ended up being cancerous.
    I am not saying that is what it is, but I would definitely have it checked out by your vet as soon as possible.
  • Oh I just saw this past years later, but I was wondering what became of your pups growth. My dog currently has the same growth and our vet just said to wait and see if it gets bigger or goes away. She just called it a benign tumor but to me it looks like a wart.
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