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How to deal with husband becoming a Freemason.


Re: How to deal with husband becoming a Freemason.

  • It's funny how many people comment about criticizing something you don't know about when they aren't married to a mason.  The only people who can relate to how you feel are other WIVES of Mason's.  Not daughters, sons, mothers. Anyone.    You are not crazy.  And you will never really know truly what goes on deep within freemasonry. Nor will anyone else who isn't a mason.  I truly believe even most of the blue lodge members don't really know what goes on.  My husband joined freemasonry less than two years into our marriage.  I had been with him for 9 years prior to that.  I'm not religious and I didn't have any opposition to him joining but once he did, I felt a very strong intuitive sense that it's very dark at the core.  Maybe the lodge nights and many many many events and activities are harmless, but I knew that whatever happened to him in the beginning changed him and our relationship has never been the same.   Yes it has gotten easier to deal with but it probably irreparably broke a bond we once had.   I think many wives have an instinctive sense about it but they can't or won't talk about it because we will never have any proof of anything and others just tell us we're crazy.   My husband certainly did.  All you can do is trust your intuition. 
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