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Way, way too wet down there!

Hi, I have a slight issue in the bedroom. I am too wet to the point where neither of us enjoy it at all, there is no friction and I mean none at all. We have tried wiping it dry halfway but within a minute it is back to soaking wet. We cannot do any foreplay at all or it is impossible for my husband to get any friction, even when I am not aroused or even interested in sex it can be too wet. I have been practicing kegel exercises (pretty strong now)and different positions and occasionally it helps but most of the time it doesn't make any difference in the outcome. I also take ditropan for a lifelong medical issue so I get very dry mouth and have trouble sweating (creates trouble making body fluids) but still flooding my husband out downstairs. Up to 24 hours later I can be still dripping wet and it gets so messy and smelly after a while. He doesn't find it much of a turn on, it frustrates him as he feels like he can't do his job properly and thinks he is also letting me down by not helping me climax. It's getting to the point where we have just about given up having traditional sex and now just giving him oral and using a vibrator on myself when he is done, we may both climax but it doesn't feel very intimate doing things this way. Has anyone got any advice that might help us?

Re: Way, way too wet down there!

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    I don't know if this is a medical problem. You may want to bounce this one off  your medical practitioner.

    I am wondering what's in the mix --- lubricant and female ejaculate (yep -- women do it too) -- has no discernable scent. It smells "like" lubricant and female ejaculate -- but you have said there is an odor problem a day later. See a doc --- something's going on here --- wouldn't the logical thing be that you are "dry everywhere" due to your medical condition?  Maybe you're running some sort of an infection and you're not aware of it.
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