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ceiling is probably 7'9"

I liked a place a lot but as a buyer you care about resale value. MANY people have visited the place, but it took 40 days for one to put an offer. I don't know if it is because it is not renovated or because the ceiling is low (I can fix the first not the second). Perhaps a combination of both, but just wanted to get an opinion about whether 7'9" is low and might be a problem even if I renovate the place... 

your thoughts about that height will be appreciated... 

Re: ceiling is probably 7'9"

  • Your question sparked my curiousity and I googled what an average ceiling height is.  In the 1970s, it was 7'9"...let me guess that is the age of the house in question, lol.

    However, currently, it is 8'0".

    For me, I think it depends on the visual.  When you walk into the house, are the ceilings notably lower?  Does it "feel" like the ceilings are too low?  If so, then yeah, that is always going to be a detraction for a buyer and totally rule out some buyers.

    Sort of like a house with a freeway behind it.  The freeway will always mean a lower price as compared to a similar house.  It will be harder to sell because the buyer pool is smaller.  But impossible to sell?  Certainly not.  Because there will also always be buyers who will say, "Wow!  We normally couldn't afford this size house, in this great condition, in this good neighborhood.  We'll just put in ear plugs at night."

    As an aside, a house that needs renovations...even sometimes minor also always going to be harder to sell even at a lower price.  Your typical homebuyer wants something fairly move-in ready.  So that could also explain why this house was on the market for awhile.

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