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Looking for an alternative to "aunt"

edited December 2015 in Family Matters
Hi Everyone!

I am looking for a different version to the word aunt. I just became an Aunt on Monday (yay!) but hate how tired Aunt Kaitlyn sounds. I am looking for something that will be shortened and possibly one word that everyone will know me by. 

Ideas I have gotten so far

Any other ideas? Something short or even something incorporating my name. I'm open to all ideas!

**For those who are going to say "I can't believe people pick out names. The kid will say what they want to say" Yes I understand that, but whatever you are referring to yourself as, is what the kid will call you or attempt to call you. I understand they may mispronounce it and make a new name for me and I am totally down for that. Just want to find a name I like and can refer to myself for now until he is old enough to say it or change it up on me.


Re: Looking for an alternative to "aunt"

  • Maybe you want to make up some kind of a nickname? You'd have to make the call on that one.

    I see nothing wrong with being called Aunt Kaitlyn. 
  • I don't know why you think Aunt Kaitlyn is tired.  I'm "auntie" and my husband is "mamma" (Hindi for maternal uncle).  
  • edited December 2015
    I don't know why you think Aunt Kaitlyn is tired.  I'm "auntie" and my husband is "mamma" (Hindi for maternal uncle).  

    Tia or Titi is for Hispanics. Chucha (spelling it phonetically) is for Poles. Tante is for Germans --- I don't know what nationality you are; we were half Polish and ever aunt we had was a Chuchie.:) (the U is pronounced with an UH sound; the A with an ah sound.:)

    Our other half was Russian and I don't know what Russian for Aunt or Uncle is.:)
  • My sister is a Caitlyn and the kids call her Aunt KiKi.
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