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Funny Cell Contact Names

Do you intentionally save anyone's number as a funny name, like your FIL as jerkface or your H as a pet name? 


Do you have someone's number saved in your cellphone and listed with a hint because you don't know their last name?   Like you already had a Matt, so saved some new contact as Matt "Goatee" or something silly?   Just wondering if I'm the only one who does things like this. 


I was scrolling through looking for a name and saw one that said "Billy Gay Sports Fan"   and it made me laugh because I had forgotten about that guy but the story behind the name reminded me of who he was and I remember him now. 

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Re: Funny Cell Contact Names

  • Let's see.

    I have:


    Evil Frank (old neighbor)

    Get Your Jollys (friend with the last name Jolly)

    Headquarters (home)

    Satan (mom's husband)

    Zach the Pothead


  • D is AaMy Love

    I have companies as the reasons why I need them - i.e.: Insurance Company or Abe Comp4Honey or Battery?

    I have nestie names as real name (nest name)

    Coworkers are name (company name) 

    I do have one that is HerName Stupid NY 

    ::scrolls through contacts:: ..I get creative 

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  • I do, it makes me smile.

    Here's a few:

    Jumpin' Jonny

    Motown Matt

    Douchebag Neighbor



    <img src="[IMG][/IMG]" width="120px">
  • I have one in there as ASS and I for the life of me have no idea who it is, and I am afraid to call it, because clearly there is a reason for the name.

    The rest of mine are all either First and Last Name, or First name and the company they are from. It really bothers me when people aren't first and last names.


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    [IMG]" width="220px[/IMG]
  • I have a lot of DNA! (Do Not Answer)

    Or 'Whore' or 'B!tch' or 'Assclown' people listed.

  • Just a few as their fun nicknames.


  • For a long time, my best friends gave each other "old" names like Herman, Barbara and Mildred. So I had them in like that for awhile.

     I currently have

    1. Ash's Ma (my friend's grandmother)

    2. Aunt Cheryl-Frank because I have two Aunt Cheryls. 

    3. Boss Man

    4. Little Bri (my cousin was named after his father)

    5. Newman (our old landlord that looked and acted like Newman from Seinfeld) 

    4. PS (someone's initials) 

    5. Shaggs  (a nickname I did not give this kid)

    6. Toy People (my old boss's at the toy store) 

    7. C-Dawg (my bff's boyfriend) 


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  • I have all the Nesties in by their nest names. I also have:

    Douchey Mike

    Don't Answer

    Shannon Dance (my dance teacher)

    and then, Greg, Greg 1, Greg 3, and Greg 0. They're numbered by age, and mine is Greg 2.


  • hahaha, I love all of these!  

     LizO, I love that you have a mysterious ASS in your phone, too funny! 

    GLW, that would be SO confusing unless you are really good at remembering ages.  

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  • image OrangePixyStix:

    GLW, that would be SO confusing unless you are really good at remembering ages.  

    Haha, well we came up with this system when all 4 Gregs were in the room together. We'd already established Greg 1 as the oldest, but then another Greg showed up who is even older, so he became Greg 0.

  • Only 3:

    Poopers = S

    Lover = my BFF

    Pattycakes = my friend Patrick



  • Wifey is for my HS BFF.

    Hurricane is my friend Katrina

    Little E cause she's short

    Twinny for a girl everyone confused me for Lol.

    Nightrider is my brother's car lol 


  • Nope, not creative at all. If I were DH, it would be different

    Smoothie Girl


    The girl that looks like the other girl

    That guy who thinks he is a kid

    Junk Man John

    The Cambodian

    Manny's Michele

    The girl who I keep forgetting

    That Jagoff Giovanni

    Old Man Potter (in ref to his brother)

    The Pelican ( in ref to a cousin)


  • Generally I have first and last names or what kind of place it is. 


    Pet Groomer
    Natalie Hair Cutter


    The only weird one I have is My Handsome Baby for my FI.  I used to have his first and last name when we met and then one day when he came to visit me, I was letting him listen to the ring tone I have for when he calls me and he saw that I had his whole name.  He then pulled out his phone and showed me that I was My Beautiful Baby in his phone so I changed mine to what it is now.

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  • Here's some of my contacts for my close friends:
    Nirvana Lover
    Barrel                                                      (inside joke)
    Danielle Paper Clipz                                 (inside joke)
    Will Ferrell the Barrel                                (inside joke)
    Sebisten                                                  (inside joke)
    My family:
    Momma poop
    Hater (dad)
    stupid (brother)
    Hell (school)
    HQ (home)
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