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What made your honeymoon special?


Re: What made your honeymoon special?

  • I think all of our honeymoon was special. We wanted to go skiing  for our  honeymoon and had gotten married in October so we didn't actually go on our trip until February. By then we had gotten into the swing of being married, my name was changed officially so it was wonderful that we were already Mr and Mrs for a few months. We went to Whistler, Canada and went skiing, dog sledding and snowmobiling. We aren't "beachy" people and love to be active  so we had an absolute blast hanging out all day together then snuggling up in the hotel later. 
  • What made our honeymoon really special was that neither of us had to leave at night. (We didn't live together before marriage.) It's still bliss!

    Another part I really liked was the private condo we stayed at had put a bottle of Champagne (we are talking the REALLY nice kind) out on ice for us when we arrived with a sweet note. No extra charge, "because we heard it's your honeymoon!"

    I also loved the restaurants, hot springs, and hikes.

    Oh and we got soaked kissing under a waterfall. It was freezing but totally worth it!
  • What made our honeymoon really special was that neither of us had to leave at night. (We didn't live together before marriage.) It's still bliss!

    ^ This!
    Ours wasn't super fancy, but a very comfy bed and breakfast on Lake Michigan.  We pretty much slept and ate a lot of food and did a couple of outings.  Seriously, eating was the best because I had lost like 10 pounds for my dress and he wore his dress blues which are kind of unforgiving.
  • our honeymoon was quite short- we drove up to Tahoe in the middle of a snow storm for the weekend- we got their saturday night at about 9 pm and we both were so exhausted we just passed out. we stayed in a super cozy cabin with snow all around us - it was a winter wonderland. I totally recommend going up to a nice secluded cabin where the two of you can connect and have no distractions. It was fun! =) wink wink!
  • We went on our 7 day/6 night cruise on Princess Cruises to St. Marten, St. Thomas and Grand Turk.  We left a week after our wedding---great idea---was able to travel back from Asheville, NC--unpack; put wedding stuff away and just relax before our honeymoon.  It was AWESOME!!  It was the FIRST time we have ever been on a cruise together--balcony cabin; no email, no phones, food galore, no laundry, no work, relaxation and just being together...CAN'T wait for our 1 year anniversary!!  :-)
  • I'm not really sure what made it "special". We love traveling together and had been to numerous places before we went on our cruise. The cruise was also 4 months after our wedding because we didn't have and time off. I guess what made it special was that we actually got to enjoy it. Our wedding was so incredibly stressful (so stressful that I started my period the day before, awesome!) so had we actually gone on a honeymoon it would have been less than stellar. We were relaxed and just happy to get away and not have the stress of the wedding over our heads.
  • I finally got to rest?  I didn't realize how stressed I had been until I decompressed and slept 12 hours a night.  Poor H- I was passed out my 9 pm every night.  We had a great time though.  We went to San Fran, Sonoma, and then drove up the coast to Portland.  We went to tons of triple D restaurants- our favorite show.  We gained a couple lbs, but also saw and explored new places.  We are not "sit on the beach" or "all-inclusive" people- we're all about having an adventure. 
  • We went to Florida for 2 nights. We wanted to go somewhere we hadn't been, but was also still close to home. H had to be back at work on Wednesday, so we were only gone Saturday night and Sunday. There was a tropical storm about to hit, so we had to spend one day stuck in the hotel room ;) We will probably never go back. There wasn't anything to do there :(
  • We went to a resort in Side, Turkey for one week. I just loved relaxing with my new Husband without having to think about wedding stuff! It was our first time all inclusive too so it was great to enjoy all those cocktails by the pool without worrying about the cost and the food was amazing, Hubby and I love our food so that was very important to us. It was just lovely relaxing and getting some sun with my new Husband in our little honeymoon bubble!
  • StokieStokie member
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    We went to Disney land for part of our honey moon! They really go out of their way to make our honey moon and (anyone's celebration) special. They give u buttons when u check into your Disney hotel, which guests and employees acknowledge, the button reflects what ur celebrating. I highly suggest Disney! U can go to a more extravagant vacation another time, Disney makes it special in ways Hawaii, Italy, Bali, etc cannot....
  • My husband I and I went to Cozumel and stayed at an all inclusive resort. While we were there we made an "impulse buy" and bought into a timeshare. (Something we never thought we would do.) Because of that, we learned what was really important to us. And helped me to really put everything into perspective and see things from his side. Family time is so much more important than a nice big tv or cool gadgets. Getting away from EVERYTHING (no internet and no cell phones) Thats quality family memory making right there. :)
  • My wife and I went to Croatia for our honeymoon. Getting away from all the wedding-related craziness definitely provided a bit of much-desired contrast. My wife and I both love traveling, so exploring the old city of Dubrovnik and trying some of the local cuisine were some of the highlights. However, spending a few care-free days with wife (and no one else) really made the trip special. We really don't get that chance very often anymore (especially since the kids came along), which makes the memory even more precious.
  •    We got married in January... in Minnesota, which made ours a little different. We had a bunch of different ideas - started with going to Hawaii turned into going to New York (that was for a long while) and ended up with staying in the area we live. We bought a house the October before we were married so not only was it a money save but home was still new. We went to local restaurants and made our way up to the Twin Cities for a day or two and went shopping. 
       I don't think it should be about where you go... its just about spending time with each other and enjoying calm nothingness for a week after your wedding.
  • YoutubeVlogerYoutubeVloger member
    edited November 2014
    We had the best time ever! We decide to go to Myrtle Beach.
  • Even though this is a little older of a post:
    We went to Disney World; for both our wedding and we stayed after.  Our family was there with us all but 1 day (because of the wedding).  By the time we had the day to ourselves, we were just too exhausted.  For most Disney Wedding packages, you get an annual pass, so we're planning on going back so it's just the two of us.

    Some of the things that DID make it special/different:
    Disney gave us a free room upgrade!  We stayed in one of the Royal Rooms at Port Orleans Riverside.  They were able to keep us close to our family which was both a burden and a blessing.
    We got a few 'free' desserts at some of our reservations.
    My H ordered me an 'in-room romantic celebration' package.  He NEVER does anything to surprise me.  Day 1 I got a vase with 13 roses.  Day 2 we got non-alcoholic champagne, 2 glasses, battery candles all over the room, and I got a wand and a bracelet.  It was AMAZING!

  • My husband and I waited until his busy season at work was done.  We took a cruise from Rome with Royal Caribbean and went to Sicily, Athens, Ephesus and Crete.  My husband and I are very friendly.  We are not the type that spend every waking minute together.  I would lose my mind. What made ours so special is, that I went on cruise critic prior to the honeymoon and made plans with other members for excursions.  We met some amazing friends on this cruise.  We have since visited some of those friends in their home states since our honeymoon and keep in constant contact with them!!!  The group on cruise critic that were on our ship were amazing and we had such a great time with them all!!!  Great experience, great memories and great friends. It was the perfect trip for us!!!
  • Ha, wearing is certainly important. We could think that how romantic and excited everyday wearing different dresses that meet the environment and atmosphere around us. Maybe you will be worried about the cost, but it really takes a little if you pick your dress or other apperal from an online shop, such as modcloth, missdress, azazie, jcrew and so on. So it is really available for you to have this plan, though it seems a little crazy.
  • Being called "Senores (Last Name)" everywhere we went on the resort. It wasn't the only thing that made it special but we do enjoy calling ourselves that from time to time even now that we're home. :-)
  • We did not want to do extensive traveling after the excitement of the wedding so we just went to the  beach a 4 hour drive away from home.  Several things about our honeymoon were less than ideal.  It POURED non-stop the entire week.  I got a case of "honeymoon cystitis" and my husband had to take me to an urgent care clinic for antibiotics.  A minor chronic health problem flared up while we were visiting the cool local aquarium.  What made it special is that we adapted.  Our hopes of playing on the beach didn't work out so we read sci-fi novels and sipped hot chocolate.  We worked together to find me a doctor for my infection.  At the aquarium, I tried to tough it out but my husband could see I was in pain.  He said, "You look miserable; I'm taking you back to the house".  That confirmed I had snagged a good one.  He was more concerned about taking care of his woman than about what he wanted to do (enjoy the aquarium).  The days and days of rain flooded the road in front of the house.  We watched the water rise wondering if we were going to loose the car but knowing that we would manage together even if we did have to start married life with a new car payment.  That was over four years ago and we have had some wonderful vacations since with things mostly going right.  We joke about our soggy honeymoon.         
  • I feel like ours was special because we got to share a place that has always been special to me my whole life. We honeymooned at Disney world. I have gone there millions of times with my family some of whom are no longer alive. My husband never went before our honeymoon. He got to see finally what I've always talked about and why I I love you it there and we got to have fun where I have been with my grandparents and old friends etc. they made it special for us also by putting rose petals and candles in our room and bringing us gifts everyday. All the cast members said congrats when they saw us and gave us front of the line. We got to eat romantic very expensive dinners every night together just the two of us which was great. We tried new foods and new activities together for the first time while there. It was just perfect. It felt like a honeymoon not just a vacation or like our normal lives at all
  • KSEDminiKSEDmini member
    Sixth Anniversary 500 Comments 5 Love Its
    edited July 2015
    We spent 3 weeks in Italy and Greece (Rome, Florence, Venice, Athens, Santorini). What made it special: ***TMI warning***
    • Turning on our TV in Venice to find that Italian porn was the only channel we got! The "show" was actually so funny that we were both in tears from laughing so hard.  
    • Earlier in the afternoon diarrhea hit us both at the same time, but we were lost because Venice is an unmarked labyrinth. We ran through the streets clenching our butts. I literally crapped IN my white pants when we finally found our room. Not funny at the time, but one of our better stories looking back
    • It was before kids, so we were able to easily travel (easy connections, leisurely rides on trains, just worrying about our crap, etc.
    • Enjoying real cappuccinos in beautiful cities
    • Eating real Italian food on the water
    • Being surrounded by so much history
    • Peace and quiet in Santorini, due in part to the amazing accommodations we had; Service was phenomenal, no smoking aloud on the grounds, only 10 rooms, and quiet voices only.- Anastasis Apartments if anyone happens to be interested.
    • Santorini sunsets. They were truly remarkable.
    • Walking throughout the rain in a huge thunderstorm in Florence while the locals all hid under awnings and stared at us in disbelief. 
    I think the best thing though was being fully present with each other and doing something new to both of us.  
  • We did 10 days in Ireland and had an amazing time,landed in Dublin & rented a car, driving across gradually until we left from Shannon.

    It was our first big vacation together, and he'd never been to Ireland before.

    Plus, each place was a whole different experience, seeing the sights, eating amazing food, making friends, and even staying one night with a friend of mine in Cork, which he & H spent with Chris trying to teach H to play fiddle while both were drunk. Every city gave us a new story, and every single one became a "favorite."
    You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. ~Mae West
  • We went to Jamaica for a week to an adults only all-inclusive resort.  We live in Tropical Florida near the beach... so it wasn't all that special.... except that there wasn't a single screaming, crying, out of control child within ear or eye shot... at all!  Just a bunch of love birds showing off our new sparkly wedding rings!!!

    What was special, is that we ditched the iPhones and laptops for a week and went completely off-line.  My assistant had the number to the hotel, so if there were any work emergencies, she just needed to call.  She didnt'.  In the end, all we had was each other, unlimited supply of liquor and water sports.  
  • groovylocksgroovylocks member
    Second Anniversary 10 Comments
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    What made it suck ended up being the reason it was so special. 

    We did our honeymoon on our 1st anniversary (this past april) We went on a really nice cruise. With amazing food. And i couldn't eat a bite of it, was super-fussy and cranky every time we had to eat anything. In every picture of us, he looks totally sick and tired of my drama which I kept chalking up to sea sickness, which excuse he bought not at all because I have epic sea legs.

    We found out i was pregnant a week after we got home. 
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