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help me figure out why I hate Mandy Moore so much

what is it about her? I just hate her, but Im not sure why...

other actresses/ actors that fall into this category are:

matt damon

ben affleck

jennifer garner

scarlett johansen

tom cruise (even before)

michael j fox





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Re: help me figure out why I hate Mandy Moore so much

  • I can't help you. I love her! I also love Michael J. Fox.
  • I can't help you.  The only one listed that I'm not fond of is Tom Cruise.
  • Her voice/the way she speaks really bothers me.
  • I have always had an ick factor for her, and have never been able to explain it.

    it has gotten better since she doesn't "sing" anymore.

    I don't like any of the dudes on your list....  but I do like ScarJo and JennGarn.

    Floyd P. Bamker - can't spell
  • imageKtotheO:
    Her voice/the way she speaks really bothers me.

    That would be my guess.  Usually when I don't like someone it has something to do with the way they speak.  Like Joan Cusack.  Ugh.

  • i love me some mandy moore!

    i do agree with jennifer garner...she is so blah.  i think it's appropriate that she hails from west virginia :)

  • hmmm I'm neutral on MM. 

    As for speaking voices, Holly Hunter can send me over the edge.  

  • Is it because they remind you of people you hate in real life? My sister absolutely HATED Scar Jo and I said jokingly one day you just hate her becuase she reminds you of your boyfriends ex gf. She stopped and goes..I never realized it she TOTALLY does remind me of her!! No wonder I hate the b*tch!
  • she has a slight lisp when she speaks, it is cutesy and annoying. 

    I can't stand Diane Keaton, they did a movie together that was one of the worst movies EVER. 

  • I LOVE Diane Keaton!
  • Watch this movie and you will never forgive Diane Keaton!

     and speaking of annoying voices, it has Piper Perabo in it too :/

  • WTF doesn't like Michael J Fox? That man is pure gold.

    I also can't stand Mandy Moore though. She makes me stabby in general, but especially when she sings. 

  • imageshreksfiona:

    Watch this movie and you will never forgive Diane Keaton!

     and speaking of annoying voices, it has Piper Perabo in it too :/

    I actually kinda like that movie =)  It must have been a Diane Keaton kinda weekend for movies on tv because that was on and so what "Something Gotta Give" which I also like even though I wish she would end up with Keanu's character in the end instead of Jack's.  I also love her in First Wives Club too.

    I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry. -- Rita Rudner
  • I hate Mandy Moore too. I like all the other ones that you hate, but Mandy is totally dreadful. I hated Rachel McAdams for a decade but she's taken some edgier roles and she dug deep to play them well so she's grown on me. But, Mandy Moore, yuck. I don't like Diane Keaton anymore either. She was great in everything, through "Somthing's got To Give", but in everything she's done after that she's been horrible!
  • Cameron Diaz drives me's that stupid laugh I think. I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence either, I don't know what it is maybe she just isn't the right person for Catnis in my mind but I don't really like her.
  • edited November 2015
    Here is my list:

    Justin Bieber
    Demi Lovato
    Megan Trainor --- who told her she could "sing"??
    Katy Perry: she is silly and so are all of her recordings
    Mariah Carey (and have you seen her lately yecch to how big she made that bust of hers)
    Marc Anthony
    Melanie Griffith -- she sort of reminds me of that chick who was on the first Dallas --- the one with the blonde hair --- Charlene Tilton. Same dumpy trashy type.
    Adele --- ugh. Dumpy and frumpy and that new song of hers is a sleeper and snoozefest.
    Racheal Ray --- sheesh: spell yer first name right...and why are all of these female tv cooks so homely?

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