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New Here- Hi!

I am a former Nestie that hasn't posted in a very long time (I wasn't that well known either).  I tried hanging out at Proboards after the mass exodus but.....Way too bitchy/snarky/downright evil for me.  Looking forward to posting here again!

Re: New Here- Hi!

  • Hello!!! Hope it's a good experience for you! :)
  • Yep. Hi. Welcome back. I too tried Pro Boards and disliked the format over there right after the Exodus. When a good, political debate gets going here, the Proboards evil lurkers come back and drop their rudeness. We don't always agree here, but I do think pretty much every body is civil.
  • Hi!  glad you are here.

  • When I was getting married, I was having really difficult time dealing with the demands of my disabled MIL.  As an example, I approached her and her husband several times asking if the venue was okay for them. A week before the wedding, she flipped out because she couldn't use her scooter and would have to be in a wheel chair. (Note: when we got the place she didn't have a scooter, they didn't tell us she was getting a scooter, we couldn't have planned for it.). She called me a bunch of nasty names two days before the wedding. Husband and I were crushed. I vented on one of the major sites...I was called selfish. I could have used some support. Really I could have. 

    I am sorry you experience internet evil and snarky people. The internet can be a place of hope or hell. I hope you meet some angels here. 
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