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Anxiety - long post

It's 6:12am. I've been awake since 4:30am. It's going to be a long long day.

P is on call this weekend. Which he hates and stresses about. My parents are supposed to be driving to visit today and also bringing us some of the last of our stuff they have been storing, like our deep freeze. This is incredibly helpful as it will save us time and hundreds of dollars in renting a truck to go get it.

P has always stressed about visiting my parents or them visiting us. To the point he has stomach cramps and other digestive issues. Trying not to be too descriptive. He also gets like this when he has to travel for work. I'm starting to wonder if he has anxiety. He always says "it stresses him out". But I don't think visiting my parents for a weekend should be that stressful.

So yeah been up since 4:30 because he's up "not feeling well". It's all the same symptoms as his usual stressed out symptoms. But this time he woke with cold sweats. He's not running a fever. And it's been a week since L and I were sick. I don't think he has what we had because we were both throwing up within hours of the first stomach pain and he isn't. I think he's stressed out about being on call and my parents visiting. I looked up cold sweats and it talks a lot about how they are common due to stress or anxiety.

But I'm not sure what to say or do to help. I feel like bringing it up right now might make him feel like I'm brushing it off or trying to make it not a big deal. I just want to help him deal with his "stress" better. I've also been reading about anxiety. I know this does not make me an expert on it. But it does sound like him. He struggles with going to sleep on an almost daily basis. Some nights are worse than others. He does not like big changes. He's definitely not a risk-taker. He has muscle tension a lot. This is something he complains about and is another symptom before traveling, his neck and shoulders and back get really tight. Like go to a doctor he's in so much pain tight.

Just laying here wide awake and wondering what to do.
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Re: Anxiety - long post

  • I'm sorry he is going through that and you are up because of it. H got really bad anxiety when I first met him. He still gets it sometimes, but not nearly as bad as he used to. It is something he has had his entire life. His mom has the same thing. Both of them do not take any medicine for it. His mom will take Bonine (motion sickness pills) if she feels an episode coming on. H got the motion sickness bands at one point. I know H tells me not to talk about it because if he thinks about it when it is happening it makes thing much worse. Would P see a doctor to get their opinion on it?
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  • I don't know if he will see a doctor. I do think it makes it worse if I talk about it when he's like this. He said he was fine this morning around 8. Then when he asked if my parents were still coming he started acting all sick again.

    I have the motion sickness bands because of pregnancy nausea and also motion sickness. I don't think he would wear them as he thinks it's all in my head about them working.
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  • I didn't even think about getting my bands out. I should. I've been feeling awful lately, and forcing myself to eat, which helps tremendously. 

    In my experience with J, it's best to talk about things about 24 hours after a problem. That's when he's most able to mentally digest what happened. 

    I would agree that it's probably anxiety. P really reminds me of J, so it makes sense
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  • I still need to talk to him about it. He was so much better on Sunday. My parents got here late Saturday, but having them here and all the stuff unloaded was a big stress relief point for him, I think. He was so much more relaxed and saying he felt better.

    He's been stressed but not as much the rest of this week since he is still on call. He goes off call on Friday so I was thinking about bringing it up this weekend.
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  • I'm glad he is feeling a little better. Hopefully your talk goes well.
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