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1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas?

Our anniversary will be coming up in October and I need some help thinking of an idea for a nice and personal anniversary gift. My husband gave me a gift the day of our wedding and I felt bad because I did not. I want to surprise him with something special this time since he has been such a wonderful friend and partner. Ideas anyone?

Re: 1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas?

  • I read somewhere that a clock is a traditional 1 year wedding gift so I got DH a really nice watch.  I had the inside engraved, "All my life" and our wedding date.  He loves it and the personal message!
    We were married 7/2/11
    We got our fur baby Cooper in May 2012.
    We are KU and due in July!

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  • Also, paper is the traditional first year gift. This could be anything from "sending" him an invitation to a special date, movie/sport tickets, a picture of you two, really anything on paper. Be creative with it! Think about the things he loves and see if you can incoporate it somehow into the paper theme.
  • Paper... Tickets to a game or a show are made out of paper.  Or maybe a paper trail with kisses leading up to his favorite dessert?  My maid of honor sent me a box full of paper towels, toilet paper and tissue for our first anniversary.  It reminded me of the bridal game where everyone makes a wedding dress out of toilet paper...I later made a sexy paper teddy out of it with a paper flower for my hair too. DH loved it.
  • I'm October too and this year is our one year. 

    Paper is the traditional anniversary gift. So, tickets, framed vows, picture/ photo, book.

    Time peices/ clocks are the modern anniversary gift. Watch, clock, sun dial.

    I went the paper route. I ordered from Indigo Nights. They take a scene from a location of your choice (they provide many). Then any date of your choice (could be your wedding night) and they recreate the night sky. They will send a paper telling you all about the consolations, planets and anything that is in the image. You are also able to put a saying or quote. The one I ordered for H turned out great. I can't wait for our aniversay so he can see it.  

  • Ok. I need to piggyback on this. I'm not sure if I'm breaking Nest etiquette jumping in with a new question, but I'm in the same boat as erollis and am coming up on our first anniversary (two weeks!)and have a very picky husband and a very tight budget. Any cheap ideas for a sports guys who loves "experiences" more than gifts?
  • Our 1st anniversary is in October too. I decided to do both traditional and modern gifts. For paper, I'm doing a photobook with pics of us from our 1st year of marriage. Not too sure about modern though. H likes clocks, but I'm thinking I may do a watch with something engraved in it. He really has been talking about wanting a grandfather clock, but that's not in the budget this year and I'd rather wait until we buy a house first.
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  • Jenny not sure what your budget is. Ticket to a sporting event. Doesn't need to be the best seats or a major pro team. Some sort of lesson maybe. A signed poster or picture. A day of golf or put put golf. My guy isn't into sports so I'm not sure what he would enjoy. Just take what he is interested in and look around and see what you can find. 
  • Since the first anniversary is traditionally the paper anniversary, I made my husband a love book.  He adored it!

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  • For a sports guy tickets of some sort make a great first anniversary gift, and it follows the "paper" tradition.
  • The paper thing is a really cute idea, I'll have to remember that!
  • A Couple's Massage at a spa...(I'm a spa owner), these are very popular, or if you want to keep cost down, buy some massage oil and surprise him with a full body massage:)

  • Thank you everyone for all the great ideas! I think I will also go part modern and part traditional with an engraved watch and a framed print of part of our wedding vows. :)
  • I planned to do boudoir photos for DH's wedding gift, but ran out of time/money to hire a professional photographer and now plan on doing that for our 1 year "Paper" gift. I plan to wear my bridal lingerie and veil in one of the photos

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  • Coming from lurker-world:
    we did traditional- Paper-
    I got him tickets to dinner and a comedy show and a subscription to Playboy. 
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  • Congratulations to both of you on your 1 year anniversary!

    My husband had our vows printed and framed in nice frames for our one year, that was really nice. I love the watch idea, but I have to ask does he normally wear a watch these days? Do you have a saying or a line from your first dance song that's special? You could add that to the engraving.

    Another idea is a gift certificate (paper) to somewhere...maybe dinner at the place you got married or the place you had your first date, somewhere special to the 2 of you that you can use later?

    To Jenny - I agree with some kind of sports tickets. Do you have minor league sports in your area? Maybe you could get him tickets to that instead, they tend to be a lot cheaper.
  • A ticket to ride in your butt.
  • edited September 2015
    I must share what my husband gave me for a wedding gift. My dress and his suit sketched. My sister-in-law received this for her one year. Both she and her husband both love it, as we both do. We used a Dreamlines artist and what an amazing company! <3
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