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Menu Monday (plus a question for EVERYONE)

Since we don't all menu plan or cook (no judgment, whatever you do is totally A-OK!), what do you normally do for dinner on weeknights? Go out? Throw together whatever is in the fridge? Make masterpiece french inspired small plates but you just don't feel like describing them here each week?

If you feel like listing your week's menu per usual, go for it!
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Re: Menu Monday (plus a question for EVERYONE)

  • I'm only cooking twice this week, I have IRL Book Club, wine nigth, and a concert, so I'll be out a lot.

    Monday: Vodka sauce pasta, garlic bread

    Tuesday: Wine Night so out

    Wednesday: Chipotle shredded chicken tacos and Spanish rice

    Thursday: Book Club, so out

    Friday: Lady Antebellum Concert, so food trucks prior to that.
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  • I typically cook 4-5 nights per week.  I never post my dinners because they aren't usually inspiring.  The other nights we might have leftovers, go to a friends place, or eat out.  I'm trying to shoot for more 6 nights a week at home, mostly because elsewhere usually involves indulgence, which I'm trying to limit if I can.
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  • I cook most nights but it's usually a case of DH pulls something out to thaw and I figure out the rest. I have a number of different recipes that I rotate so I draw from that but occasionally I'll try something new with the hopes of adding another solid concoction to the repertoire. Every now and then it ends up being a hodge podge but for the most part I have the ingredients for at least on of the standards on hand. We primarily eat chicken and fish with vegetables. We go out on occasion, too. It's not so bad since it's just the two of us and I don't have to deal with kids and their schedules. Some nights we eat at 7 and other it's closer to 9. We're pretty laid back. I like to be adventurous with my cooking and we eat a lot of different ethnicities. 
  • I try to cook as much as possible but H and I usually eat out at least 2-3 times per week. We frequent sushi, Mexican and traditional pub fare. Sometimes it's out of laziness and sometimes it's just because we want to go out and eat delicious food and have drinks at the bar. We also usually host or have dinner at another couple's house once a week for a gamenight.



  • I cook almost every night.  My MIL love going out to eat, and for many years she would ask us to come with her multiple times during the week. We became quite burnt out on going out, so if I don't want to cook we usually have leftovers, frozen pizza, or a grazing night with meats, cheeses, and fruits.

    This week's menu is a bit different because we leave for our camping trip on Wednesday! And in general the menus have been different due to the new people living with us.

    Monday : American Chop Suey in the crockpot with rice based macaroni. It's easy and will create a good deal of leftovers for the people living here that do not know how to cook. They wont starve while we are out of town!


    Tuesday: leftovers.

    Wednesday: road food.  Probably peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with chips, grapes, strawberries, and carrot sticks.

    Thursday: kabobs! probably sausage with green peppers, mushrooms, squash, and tomatoes.

    Friday and Saturday : same as thursday

    Sunday: Something on road, don't know what.
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  • Monday- took dad out for father's day 
    Tuesday- "Skinny" Chicken Quesadilla's
    Wednesday- Parmesan Basil Orzo probably with a salad or broccoli
    Thursday- I have a bunch of eggs so either egg salad, quiche or bfd
    Friday- Hot dogs, macaroni salad, corn
    Saturday- Pizza

    Usually when I work I don't want to cook all that much but I'm usually torn between wanting to eat healthier and wanting easy... so I try to cook as much as I "can" with working awful hours!

  • I never come in to this thread because MH does all the cooking for us. He just pokes his head out of the kitchen at some point in the night and says "we're having __" And it always is because I don't have to make it. I don't know what his master plan is.
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  • j*&p*j*&p* member
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    When I grocery shop, I buy meats, veggies and rice/pasta/other sides and pick one of each for dinner depending on what I feel like that night. Sometimes I have certain meals in mind (stir fry, tacos, chicken picatta, salads, etc.), but having a set meal plan for the week makes me feel twitchy. 
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  • CTDec03BrideCTDec03Bride member
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    I try to menu plan but never stick to it.  I don't always post my meals since they are never fancy or inspiring lol.  We are out of the house so often, it's hard.  Baseball with ds takes up a huge chunk of our time from april-oct.  Now dd will be doing cheerleading on top of that and that is a huge time committment too.  Our meals are always quick, nothing that takes more than 30 min to cook.  I try and cook 3-4 nights a week.  We eat out a lot, as much as we try not to.  Between meals with friends after games and practices and just not getting home until at least 8 most nights, its just easier.  We waste SO much money on eating out, not to mention it's awful for my diet. 

    This month is bad too because of all the bdays.

    Last night - out to dinner with my dad for my belated bday and fathers day

    Tonight - cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, & fries.  Ice cream cake for my husbands bday.

    Weds - going to my moms for dinner, I think she's grilling or pasta

    Thurs - chicken, steamed cauliflower, & rice

    Fri - most likely out to eat since we have an away game at 6

    Sat - out, going to the casino for a show

    Sun - out, it's my son's bday

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  • I try to do as much cooking/ prep work as I can on Sunday to avoid impulse meals. We try not to eat out since it is not healthy and expensive.

    Monday: Italian Wonderpot (except with whole wheat linguine, fresh herbs and no oil), fresh bread and Caprese Salad
    Italian Wonderpot - This pasta is incredibly easy to make and inexpensive. No draining necessary! Switch out whichever veggies you like or add more to make it your own!

    Tuesday: Leftovers

    Wednesday: Brown rice with black beans, corn, fresh salsa, & avocado & a splash of lime. Probably served with browned corn tortillas

    Thursday:  Asian Quinoa Salad and possibly some Potato & Kale Soup
    Asian Quinoa Salad Recipe on Healthy, colorful, and delicious! LOVE this easy salad!

    Recipes Archive - Forks Over Knives Potato/Kale soup

    Friday: Hopefully leftovers of some sort. :) I will be hitting the grocery store this day, so who knows. I plan my meals on Fridays usually.


  • I'm pretty much not cooking this week.  Too busy.  

    I did make a Salmon Panzella last night.  

    Tonight I am going out.  

    Wednesday I may do a Thai Shrimp stir fry

    Thursday I am out for book club

    Friday is a fend for yourself kind of night.  
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  • RiverPlateRiverPlate member
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    I post here once in a while.  I usually do some type of menu planning, but generally stick to a formula of sorts.  Seafood Monday, Mexican Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are up for grabs, and Friday, Saturday, Sunday we eat out.
    My problems are more logistical -- I used to love cooking and making new, different things all the time.  But: I don't eat meat other than fish.  Husband doesn't eat carbs.  Kids are uber picky, and sometimes will overlap with my meal and Husband's meal, but typically get a kid-friendly thing of their own.  Throw in that I only have 30-45 minutes to make dinner on a weeknight, and have to do all grocery shopping on the weekend, and cooking becomes no fun and everything about it is a complete chore.
    It's beginning to be summer though -- and I love to garden.  I've already had several nearly complete meals that I've grown myself -- zucchini and summer squash, lettuces, cucumbers.  Once the tomatoes come in I'll be in absolute heaven. <3
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