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cost v comfort v cookies?

dalm0mdalm0m member
Eighth Anniversary 1000 Comments 5 Love Its Name Dropper
Is is true that airlines mine the meta data on your computer to optimize their profits by setting prices for flights based on your shopping habits?

I'm kicking myself for not booking flights earlier for an upcoming trip, but the times weren't great & it was a far plus expensive AP in terms of ground travel & parking.  Prices have now gone up about $100 pp

My own frugal nature is making me crazy.  I found a convenient flight on Virgin, which is an awesome airline if you have never flown it; they still treat passengers with dignity not like we're cattle, but it's over $500 pp plus they charge for bags.  Party of me says it's not worth the $50 I'll save by going at inconvenient times.


Re: cost v comfort v cookies?

  • How far exactly are you flying?
    HeartlandHustle | Personal Finance and Betterment Blog  
  • dalm0mdalm0m member
    Eighth Anniversary 1000 Comments 5 Love Its Name Dropper
    NY to LA . . . so all the way across the US approximately 3,000 miles
  • GilliCGilliC member
    Ancient Membership 5000 Comments 500 Love Its First Answer
    There are some airline websites that have been shown to increase certain fares if you perform repeat searches on their site. However, you can easily get around this (without even clearing your cookies) by just using a different web browser, or by using Chrome's "Incognito Window" feature.

    I almost always do flight searches in an incognito window for this reason.
  • For a domestic flight like that, I'd just fly coach for cheap, being careful to check the type of plane and seat configuration first. Southwest is fine IMO, but I like to avoid the United regional jets. If you can fly an international carrier, even better.

    A layover wouldn't be terrible, but I'd want to be sure it's only one stop and not multiple, with a reasonable amount of time in between flights, an hour to 90 minutes is perfect IMO. I also personally like to carry my bags on if I have a layover, so if that's not something you're willing to do, then direct is probably best.
    HeartlandHustle | Personal Finance and Betterment Blog  
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