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Anyone have any?

I'm so over having a part-time job.  Mainly because P makes it more difficult to have one.  He's whiny about when I have to work and having to watch Lily.  He doesn't seem to care if he's being distracting or if Lily is.  He's just not supportive about it.  The only reason I found it was because he kept bringing up me getting a part time job for the extra money. 

I'm also really tired.  But I spent nap time creating a monthly calendar and looking up ideas on Pinterest to start doing a weekly theme for Lily.  I should have taken a nap. 
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  • I find it pathetic that I want to go to bed on a Friday night at 9. 

    But on a serious note, I'm not sure if I'm suffering from first year teacher exhaustion, or if I'm actually depressed. I go back and forth, and I guess I'm waiting until summer to see if it's my job, or my brain chemistry. 
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  • Alyssa-try getting outside in the sun.  That fist year exhaustion is pretty bad. 

  • Thanks. I've been trying, but it actually makes it worse, because it just made it harder to get up this morning... 
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