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Breast Pump

IDK which one to get. I have done a ton of research and they are still equal.  

Spectra s2 or Medela PISA.

Spectra-lighter, quieter, closed system.

Medela-been around for a long time and highly recommended.  Is not a closed system.  Heavier but comes with lots of extras.

Thoughts?  I would like to get it ordered soon.

Re: Breast Pump

  • Am12712Am12712 member
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    I went with the PISA. In the time I used it with Caden I had no issues what so ever, I plan on using it again with baby 2. Parts are easy to replace (flanges and tubes) and you can pick them up at Target.

    Don't forget that your insurance should cover the cost of your pump. :)

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  • I knew you would answer!  How are you feeling lady?

    I am feeling like PISA is the one I should get but I don't want to rule out something else good because its newer.

  • Good question.  I bought a single pump at Target.  I don't even remember the brand.  It worked but for this next kid I would like to get a nicer pump.  So I need to remember this. :) 

    Hope you both are feeling well. 
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  • My insurance allows me to pick from 4.  These are just the 2 that I narrowed down.  100% free!  How are you feeling Michelle?

  • Oh ya know, first trimester stuff.  Nausea, tiredness, randomly getting teary eyed or crying.  Mostly it's the nausea hitting me and everything smelling awful, making me gag.
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  • I hated that.  

  • Me too.  I only had occasional nausea for the last two weeks so I was thinking this pregnancy wouldn't be as bad during first trimester.  Then on Wednesday it hit like a freight train.  I'm not sure if it's worse than with Lily but it's no picnic. 
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  • Am12712Am12712 member
    500 Comments Fourth Anniversary 100 Love Its

    I'm doing good! Feeling pretty good too! This baby moves a ton more then I ever remember Caden moving. I'm starting my "OMG only 6wks left" freak out because we have nothing done. Slowly things are being pieced together. I got an amazing deal on a dresser because it was the floor model, I'll be painting it this weekend and it will go up in the loft/baby room next weekend. I just purchased the crib mattress and will be buying the crib this weekend.

    I am very much looking forward to my "maternity leave" when DH is done for the summer. It's getting harder and harder to chase a toddler around.

    Lilypie - (2f9f)Lilypie - (y2el)
    Daisypath - (30fE)

  • I use medela- not that model.

    Can I see some bump pics am and Jen?
  • yes please, and someone screen shot it and pm me, so that I don't miss jen's before it's poofs. I know I probably won't get back on here until monday. 
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