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Tuesday Chat

I figure the easiest way to get the board talking is to just post a chat thread so everyone can stop by and say something about whatever is going on with life. 

The presents I ordered for my mom and mil for Mother's Day came in the mail yesterday. I knew they were going to come a day late. I'm going to give it to my mil today and mail it to my mom. She probably won't get it until Thursday or Friday. DH got his mom flowers so she already got something Sunday. I'm getting ready to take Abby to story time and then the park. I have to start making the guest list for Abby's party so I can start invites, etc. I'm doing a Watermelon theme for her outdoor bbq by the splash pad. I found some really cute ideas so far. I can't believe 2 is so near! 

How is everyone else?
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Re: Tuesday Chat

  • My hubby's grandma past away last night. She would have been 97 in July. Looks like we will be making a trip up to the NW.
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    I'm just sitting here at work.

    Ordered a new cell phone case and two more sets of door knobs on Sunday.  When they show up I'll go get my new phone.  The door knobs will be the last door knobs we have to change over in the house.  Yay for finished house projects.... :)

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  • I'm so sorry Aleigha. T&Ps for you guys and family.

    We ran errands this morning. I'm doing laundry. Story time was cancelled today as the librarian is on vacation. Going to try to get my brothers blanket started today.
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  • Am12712Am12712 member
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    I am so jealous that you all have a good story time. We had an amazing one and then the librarian retired. Now they just read a book, do a quick craft and done. The previous librarian would sing songs, have hand puppets and all of that. I'm going to try a new one on Wed, hopefully it will hold Caden's attention.
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  • Awww, that's sad, Am. 

    We had an awesome storytime near our rental and I was sad when we moved last fall.  The story time here is just stories and a few songs on Wednesdays.  Lily has such a hard time sitting still for the whole 30 minutes.  But the librarian is awesome and started another story time recently on Tuesdays for a younger audience with more songs and activities.  So that's working out so much better.  And on Thursdays our library does an open play thing.  It's usually packed with kids and several play areas.  Then after they do a music and movement class where it's all singing and dancing.  That is Lily's favorite class. 
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  • Sorry for your loss Aleigha, Thoughts and prayers to your families.

    Am- The story time you described is how ours is. Abby can't sit still for more than half a story. Most of the kids are a young 3 or going on 4. The librarian reads 3 stories and then does a craft. Today the kids were supposed to draw a picture of their house. I drew a picture of our house and Abby drew all over it. I really like it though because I know it will show growth in the future. I'll be able to look back and say "wow, I can't believe that was just x years ago".

    My husband got a speeding ticket on his way to work today. I'm so bummed. At least he is ok and wasn't in an accident or anything.
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  • Sorry for your loss Aleigha. 

    I've been busy. I ended up asleep on the couch at 7 last night. I just go to work, come home, make dinner, go to bed, and repeat right now. I even borrowed the book from the library and don't have time to read it. 
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  • Thank you guys!
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