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Dinner Plans for the week?

We have a loose meal plan.  It's more that I come up with a list of meal ideas, buy the groceries for them and pick from the list each day. 

So this week:

Baked Chicken with skinny Mac and Cheese
Chicken Fried Rice
Breakfast - eggs, sausage and pancakes
Hamburger Tater Tot casserole

Thinking tonight will be the mac and cheese with baked chicken.  Although it never fails that I'll forget at least one ingredient for one of the meals and find out the night I'm going to make it.  Haha.
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Re: Dinner Plans for the week?

  • That is how I plan my meals too. You never know what is going to come up or when you'll have leftover. I think that is the best way to do it.

    I'm on a cooking strike. I don't want to do it. At all. It is problematic because I'm the one here to cook meals. Tonight we'll have leftovers, hot dog macaroni casserole, or cheesy potatoes and hot dogs. We could eat leftovers, but then H won't have anything to take to work tomorrow. Hmmmm....
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  • I'm going out for Taco Tuesday with a friend tonight...

    I should clarify, I totally made that up tonight and it was just a cute way of saying we're hitting up Mexican...
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  • I can't menu plan. I never know what I want!

  • Tacos sounds yummy. We haven't made those in awhile. Might have to remember those for next week.

    Eh, we don't always stick to the plan. Was supposed to do the chicken and Mac and cheese for mothers day but we ordered pizza instead.
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  • I made tacos last night, but tonight, J is on his own. I have to stay at work for the art show. Then tomorrow I'm out till late with the field trip. So a lot of fast food is in my future. 

    I start with a plan, and then it usually doesn't work out. But having a plan usually makes me hungry for those things. Plus, I have a few things in the freezer that I can pull out whenever. 
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