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My GODFATHER could be my real DAD!!!!

I'm 34. At a recent ceremony was the first time I've ever had photos taken of me and my godfather side by side apart from when I was a baby. (I haven't seen him for years)
I look just like him, exactly the same facial features, expressions physique, posture.
People who know him insisted I looked like him and his family which I dismissed until I saw the recent photos of me and him. The photos freaked me out, as well as my siblings and other family members. I mean seriously FREAKED US OUT!!! When I show friends the photos of the ceremony they always ask, "Is that your dad?" and look at me strangely when I say, "no he's my godfather". People say we are spitting image.
For YEARS mom has said, "there's something I have to tell you but will say when the time is right".
I don't look like any family members.

I called my godfather a month ago to ask if we could meet to talk as I had "questions about my life" and since then he's done radio silence. Normally we talk via phone on a weekly basis and he says things like, "you must understand, how much I love you from deep down in my heart". I bumped into him since and he looked like a frightened, frail rabbit.
Can't ask mum because she's developed mental health issues and I don't want to stress her even more.

Not sure what to do next if he keeps avoiding me. I don't want to ruin his career (he's a reverend) but I need him to be honest because I've trusted him, we have a great friendship. This is all so strange!

Any advice please?

Re: My GODFATHER could be my real DAD!!!!

  • Is the person your mom says is your dad in your life? Is there any other reason to believe he is your father?

    If you really believe this is possible, I would just call and ask him. I would make very sure you really want to know though. What would you get out of this? Would you be hurting your dad now? Would you tell anyone? What if he says he isn't? Are you willing to accept that answer? 

    Just some things to think about.
  • Well she can't just call him because he's ignoring her right now. I'm sorry, this sounds like a really stressful situation. Give him some time to cool off and calm down. Since he's a reverend, I'd hope he would take some time to pray about it and come to the right decision. It all sounds kind of weird - why would he suddenly stop talking to you if there was nothing weird going on?
  • Vet35Vet35 member
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    Puppylove2014 thanks for food for thought.
    The person I've called dad all my life didn't bring me or my siblings up. Parents were divorced when I was conceived, which was the time my mum became friends with my godfather who used to stay over night a lot. There's a whole load of circumstances that have made me and other family members conclude that he is my father. So many that I actually feel quite daft for not realising before. We suspect my dad actually knows.

    Joleri23 thanks for understanding. Yes it is a stressful time. I don't want to lose him as a friend he's a good person and helped me whenever I've needed him. He's always come up better than I've hoped, so I really hope he does what's honourable this time too. I've never seen him frightened or so awkward. Like I say this only happened after I asked him about discussing "life questions". When we speak I'll be able to tell him and mum that 'it's ok' (that's my dream for now it helps me get through
  • Vet35Vet35 member
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    Joleri23 I'll follow your advice and give him time to calm.
    Me and family members have always wondered why my features and physique are so different to everyone else in the family. It's strange having got used to not looking like anyone to to find those feature were all from him. Nice but verrrry strange!!

    Thank you for problem solving with me. I just needed someone to talk to.
  • I hope that you hear from him! Please keep us posted.
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