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What do I do about any of this?

edited August 2014 in Family Matters
I have had an ongoing problem with a family member --- he is the defendant in a case where I am suing him.

He's got somebody living with him and now the whole problem has been compounded.

There is a garage that is dilapidated and in need of replacement. For the last 20 years, the garage has been pulling apart.

I had an engineer come here to have a look at it right about that time; he could not conclude why it was happening. He had a few theories why it was happening but no conclusion.

(and it has to be something with the ground; the in ground pool in back of the garage always has a crack and the garage next door and house that is in back of my back yard is "drifting" too.)

I got a property notice from the building nspector of the town about 3 weeks ago.

Nothing is checked off on it in the way of a violation. It's just the notice and the building inspector's signature.

I can't seem to reach the building inspector, either, to ask him what action I need to take.

I was there again yesterday, at his office, with a letter attached to the notice asking him to call me --- I will have him come here and I will explain the whole thing to him.

Early last evening, a guy that the building inspector suggested was here --- Bro called Building Inspector and the inspector gave him a name of a guy that does demolishing. The guy could not speak English at all.

A town employee would recommend somebody who speaks zero English. Why would he do that?.

(This is the story I got from Bro: the BI gave him that gents telephone number; the guy who showed up last night is not a town employee but some independently employed contractor -- personally, I think they found this chap on their own.)

Bro's GF comes downstairs and she took the whole show over. "This garage has to be fixed or we will be fined 2K a week..." She said to me.

Remember nothing is checked off on that violation notice.

I said, "Nothing is checked off on the notice and I am trying to find out from the inspector what his end of the story is." You can't reason with her...

And Bro says to me, "I will pay for the whole thing since YOU cannot. You stay out of this."

All of a sudden he has the funds to demolish a garage? he is the one who put me in hock by not paying his share of the taxes (and that is why I am suing him) --- where all of a sudden is he getting the funds? I am guessing it has to cost at least 10 grand. 

All of this money is coming from her. At this point he is only working part time and his hours at his store have been  cut. He has been on part time status since April.

Here is the problem:

I cannot reason with them. Bro will call the cops if I even try to bring my part of the story into it -- Bro, what is the sense of TWO of us calling a building inspector??? When he comes over here, I will tell you and you can hear what he has to say! I think that is fair enough.

"Stay out of this, I will take care of it," he said to me. And yes, he threatened to call the cops AGAIN!

I don't live in a frigging fucking gulag --- it's like no matter what you say, you cannot win.

And she should NOT be putting up one red cent to fix anything nor one red cent for any of the back taxes he owes. All of a sudden that is paid up. She gave him the money for it; it sure didn't come out of his pocket.

What can i do about them? Legally, I cannot evict her; she is his part and parcel according to law. And I can't tell her to stand down; she is not going to go for that.

Re: What do I do about any of this?

  • edited August 2014
    Update: I just now got a call from that building office; I was told that garage had to come down ASAP.

    Holy shit - what a mess this is.

    I can't have the 2 of them coming in here and just going full speed ahead -- there has to be an engineer to look at that pool and advise which way to go on this.

    Can I stop these two? Not on my own -- they are going to go ahead and do what the fuck they want to do? How can I stop them? He and I should be deciding where to go, not her and him and me in the background.
  • what does your lawyer advise?
  • I am waiting for him to call.

    I badly wanted to keep *them* out of this entire mess with Bro but it's impossible not to now --- she has no clue of the nuances involved and hasn't any idea what the backstory is to the whole thing.

    And there is no sense in rebuilding anything on it unless it is a prefab because the whole problem will happen again with another brick and mortar building built from the foundation up and attached to the concrete slab foundation it's on.

    I get the idea that anything helpful I say is going to turn into a war. Bro knows less than she does because he never paid attention to what was happning when it was happening.
  • kgowett1kgowett1 member
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    edited March 2015
    So who's name is on the deed? And if you can't evict them, there must be a lease that was signed. What is the end date of that? Also, does it state in the lease that he will be granted any rights to the integrity of the structures on the property?
    Furthermore, if she is not on the lease, you may have wiggle room to get them out. The space was leased to Bro., not Bro & friends.
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