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Fave Hockey Team?

Hey hockey fans! Growing up with a dad and younger brother who were huge hockey fans it definitely rubbed off on me haha. My husband and I are both Manitobans and big Winnipeg Jets fans (yay for getting the team back in a province that loves hockey!)

Just thought I'd ask, what's your favourite team?


Re: Fave Hockey Team?

  • Huge San Jose Sharks fan! Got engaged at the Tank, had a Sharks themed sucks living across the country from the team but they have always been my boys. :)
  • image cudababy71:
    Huge San Jose Sharks fan! Got engaged at the Tank, had a Sharks themed sucks living across the country from the team but they have always been my boys. :)

    Twenty-two years and counting. :) Would love to see your wedding pics. Born and raised in SJ but moved (still in NorCal, though) about 10 years ago. Sucks big time since I had to give up my season tickets. Still bitter about that!

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  • Detroit Red Wings! :-)
  • Our house is huge on hockey as well :) Will watch pretty much any game one, but we are die hard Toronto Maple Leaf fans!
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  • Detroit Red Wings!
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  • Heck yes, Wings!!! 
  • Chicago Blackhawks. I've enjoyed them everlastingly, I was conceived in Wisconsin and they were the closest group to where I was conceived, my father is a tremendous Hawks fan and when we moved to Minnesota we recently remained Hawks fans as a substitute for coming to be Wild fans. I've been to numerous diversions in Chicago and just love the atomosphere at their recreations and I cherish the way that they are an Original Six group.
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  • See it's funny because we share a favorite hockey team except I loved those boys as Atlanta Thrashers..... However it's too painful to watch them now so most the time we watch my husbands team the Hurricanes and I've developed a strange fondness for the wild. At least I won't lose my baseball team here in Atlanta.
  • Oh my gosh!! 
    1st: I'm a die hard Sharks fan too! 
    2nd: My husband and I just had a hockey themed wedding! (Although it wasn't ENTIRELY Shark themed... he's from Minnesota so it had to be a general theme as to not piss off the other hahaha)

    Bleed teal ;)
  • Wings. But perhaps it's my favourite by default of my hometown. 
  • It's all about the bruins! I am a huge fan and we are hoping to make it to at least two games this year.
    H got me into hockey while we were dating and even used a hockey related line in his vows that made his family chuckle.
    We don't have cable in our apartment so we are always at friends watching or at the bar which can get exhausting but let the season begin!

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  • Bruins and red wings? How bout dem rangers! The garden is the best place in the world to watch a game.

  • Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, the Blackhawks are my team. I didn't grow up in a huge hockey loving family, but I never missed a game on tv or attending the United Center. I'm actually watching the Hawks right now playing the Oilers right now as I write this. LET'S GO BLACKHAWKS!!!!!
  • Thought I'd toss my hat in the ring - we bleed blue around here, thanks to my hubby being raised 45 minutes from St. Louis. 

  • Go Leafs :) although all hockey's pretty awesome
  • Sorry to bump an older thread, but as a hockey nut, I couldn't resist :)

    I grew up in St. Petersburg, FL, so the Lightning will always be #1 in my heart. When I moved to Dallas three years ago I "adopted" the Stars as my team, and I always root hard for them...unless they're playing the Bolts  ;)
  • klburke88klburke88 member
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    Washington Capitals fan here. We just fired our head coach and GM this weekend. :(

    FI is a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, and I notoriously told him the night we first met that a penguins fan had "no chance in hell" of ever marrying me. We are getting married on Saturday, LOL.
  • Washington Capitals!
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