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Adult ADD... XP from the bump

Wasn't sure if I should post is here, but it is health related. I'm going to see a new primary tomorrow and I have a lot of questions about adult ADD. I have struggled with my inability to remain focused for as long as I can remember. How I graduated from high school is a miracle. I got through trade school because I was interested in the subject matter, but I can't imagine making it through a 4 year degree. I have job hopped liked crazy throughout my adult life. It's exhausting I've definitely settled down career wise which is nice...but I still have a lot of issues with focus and I'm over it. Finishing a simple task becomes a huge project, I can't seem to keep up. I don't feel depressed and I've altered my diet which has given me more energy but its not helping with my distractibility. Does anyone have experience with this? I feel so awkward bringing it up with the doctor. I don't know where to start or what to say.
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Re: Adult ADD... XP from the bump

  • My brother in law wasn't diagnosed with ADD until his 50's. He takes meds now and is better, but still has moments.
  • A colleague of mine wasn't properly diagnosed until her 30s. Up until then, she had been incorrectly diagnosed as bipolar. I would recommend also seeking out a psychologist or psychiatrist who specialized in ADD/ADHD. I'm also a special ed teacher; many of my students have ADHD. I would recommend checking out books by Dr. Patricia O. Quinn. She has written several books about women and girls with ADHD.
  • I'm going through the same thing. I've always struggled with starting tasks, focusing on the task at hand, completing tasks, time management, forgetting things, etc. I just told my doctor that I think I may have ADHD (inattention type), and he referred my to a psychologist for testing to get a sure diagnosis. I have testing on Friday! I encourage you to speak up; I'm definitely glad I am. Good luck.
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  • I have it too. I was diagnosed as a child and it has been becoming more manageable as I got older. I do have some tough times though.
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