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New Year Resolutions

After moving this summer, we unpacked the "main" parts of the house, but left 1 room full of boxes that we just haven't gotten around to.  I drove myself crazy over the Christmas break trying to find a few things that I knew we had SOMEWHERE.... 

So for 2015, my goal is to finally get the house set up and organized from top to bottom.  I'm employing two different tools - flylady, and 52 weeks to an organized home.  Each site sends me weekly goals to accomplish (each broken down into small daily tasks), and I'm going to tailor each to fit my needs a little better.  One (flylady) focuses more on cleaning/decluttering, and the other more on organizing.  On top of their daily/weekly challenges, the hubs and I will still have our big weekend projects for home repair/improvements (which is why we originally stopped unpacking - there were too many projects to focus on!).

I'm hoping that the automatic e-mails filled with mini-goals for each day will help me stay focused during the week, and help me to avoid biting off more than I can chew for a day.  Since I have a habit of trying to do a huge list of items at a time, I think the smaller, 15-minute tasks will be more realistic to attempt during the weekdays, and thus, less discouraging. 

Does anyone else have a New Year resolution that has to do with cleaning or organizing?  What goals/encouragement/task list tools are you using (if any)? 

Have you used either of these sites before, and if so, were they helpful to you?

Re: New Year Resolutions

  • I know that there isn't much activity on this board, but I already have an update, and I'm going to post it anyway....maybe someone, somewhere, sometime will find this information useful! 

    Flylady is already annoying the crap out of me.  I've been aware of her website and methods for a few years now, and I always thought it was a shame that her site didn't seem to have a very logical layout, because it made finding her extremely helpful tips and ideas rather difficult.  Really, if you have the patience to spend time navigating through her site, she really does have a great cleaning schedule set up, and a brilliant method for making and maintaining a tidy home. 

    I thought that by receiving her "goals for the day/week" in e-mail, I could bypass her whole mess of a website, and get straight to the daily task list.  Unfortunately, her daily "goal for today" e-mails are so full of needless information and testimonials, that you have to hunt for the link.  And if you miss a day?  Delete the e-mail - it's useless to you.  The link provided in the e-mail goes to a page that changes every the link only works for that day's goals.  No catching up allowed, apparently. 

    That, honestly, isn't a huge annoyance.  The 3 other e-mails that she sends every day, on top of the "goal for today" e-mail is what gets annoying.  You can customize a little, but not enough, what e-mails you receive from her.  If you want the "goal for today" e-mail, you also get an "inspirational" e-mail, and a "testimonial" e-mail for her products, and a "back to the basics" e-, which is her basically ranting about how great her system works, if people would just stick to it.  It's weird...seriously.

    I now actually remember that years ago I signed up for her e-mail list, and unsubscribed quickly because it was so annoying.  This time I'm going to give it at least a few more weeks, because I really want to give it a shot.  I'm considering setting her "goal for the day" (she calls them a flight plan) site as a homepage, or setting a reminder on my computer to visit the page....then unsubscribing from her e-mails again.  We'll see.....

    The 52 weeks to an organized home is much less annoying.  At most, they'll send 1 e-mail a day, and they don't always send one every day.  At the beginning of the week, they send you an e-mail with a list of each day's goals.  Since they have a printable calendar online, I actually already have the goals for the entire year available, but the e-mails go into a little more detail of what/how to declutter or organize than the calendar does.  They also send an e-mail with links for each day's tasks that contain before/after photos of other people's succeeded task.  It provides inspiration/ideas on how to organize the area, or what products you can use. 

    A few times, they sent e-mails with offers - either discounts for products, or for free e-courses....things that work inline with the website's general mission, but that I could still do without.

    I have to admit, I haven't been following either program perfectly to a T.  There have been some days where we had areas that were more important/urgent to clean, so I focused on those areas instead of the daily task.  I have noticed that even when I don't follow the designated to-do list, just having the goal of cleaning SOMETHING each day, has helped me stay motivated and focused to get something done.  In short....neither is perfect, but if you need help staying focused, or if you get overwhelmed with what seems like a daunting task, either service will help you learn to take on a little at a time, and get the job done. 
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