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Not Pushy?

Anyone else have parent/in-laws that aren't pushy?

My parents already have 2 grand children from my sister. My in-laws don't have any grand children yet and really want us to have a baby but completely understand why we're waiting.

Most of our other family members are pretty quiet about it too. Here and there my MIL will tell me so and so asked when you guys are gonna have a baby and she basically tells them how it is.

Re: Not Pushy?

  • My MIL thankfully is not pushy!  We don't have the best relationship with her but recently she came out saying that she fully supported our decision to not have children and said that it was our business.   I have to say she rose up a few notches in my book after that.

    My mom, on the other hand, is a pain in my butt. she has two grandchildren on the way (the first ones) but my brothers are having kids not me. She cant accept the fact that her daughter isn't interested.
  • I'm very thankful that no one has been pushy about us having kiddos. They're all of course very excited and supportive for if/when we decide to have kids, but so far everyone is behaving themselves lol!
  • Nope.  My parents and my IL's are all deceased but when my folks were alive they never pushed us.  By the time we got married my parents were in their 70s and my dad liked his quiet time; in fact he wasn't too hip on little kids and all the noise and mess they bring.  And my mom, who loved children more than anything, always told my sister & me both to have kids because WE want them, not because they want grandchildren.

    My husband has a daughter from a previous marraige.  She's 16 now, but was 9 when we started dating and my mom was happy with her as the only grandkid.  We don't want kids, ever, and my sister doesn't either.

  • My parents and in-laws are no longer pushy. 
  • We have only been married 8 months and haven't had too many people ask. We've had an occasional "oh, you guys are next" when someone is holding a baby when we are around, we just laugh and that's it. My sister has two boys and my parents want us to have kids when we are ready. They would rather us wait to have kids when we're ready (or not have them if we decide) than have kids that we don't want/aren't ready for. My brother has already made it clear he is not having kids. My husband's sister just announced her pregnancy so that will be his mom's first grandchild. We really have not been pushed or overly asked about it.
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