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Help! All of our friends here have children...

Because of our jobs, we live in a fairly conservative town, one in which people finish college, get married, and start families at age 25. This is great, but just NOT us. I'm 27, he's 31, and we just married. I think it will be 3 years before we begin the baby discussion. In the meantime...I literally have ONE childless friend in town. I try to go out of my way to make it easy to hang out with our friends with kids, but they seem suddenly uninterested or just not into making the effort (I get that its hard, and don't blame them). Where do we meet more friends without kids? Is there hope, or are we going to just have each other? 

Re: Help! All of our friends here have children...

  • I don't have anything terribly helpful to tell you.  It is very VERY difficult.  We're in our mid 30s in a small town and there isn't anyone here over the age of 22 without kids!  After people become parents it is very hard to get them to do anything... even sit at their house with the kids around or come over with the kids.  If you find a way around this, let me know!
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  • We try to do meetups (home brewers club, dinner club, running club). We tend to meet people who either have older kids or no kids.
  • You either have to do things that include the kids or else an activity at your or their home.  Babysitters tend to be expensive.
  • I joined a knitting group which has been helpful. A lot of older ladies, but it gets me out of the house and talking to people besides my coworkers and husband. Do you like to volunteer? Unfortunately I think inviting the friends with their kids is sometimes the only option. I don't have nor do I want any but I woudln't have a babysitter if I had a kid so I can see their point. The only other option I could think of is try planning far in advance. It's a pain but maybe with notice they could make something work? 
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