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How much vacation time do you get?

Prompted by the discussion with @fnsio...  How much vacation time do you get?  What is the typical amount where you live?  Are you required/encouraged to take it at a particular time of year?

Re: How much vacation time do you get?

  • In Norway, 5 weeks of vacation is pretty standard.  At my company, we can take it whenever we want, but a lot of companies encourage people to take it in July.  Many businesses (ours included) are extremely empty during July, because that's also when the school holiday is.

    I was in the UK for work this July, and it was strange because everyone left for holiday the last week that we were there, because late-July and early August were the usual holiday period at that office.  It was odd to think that they were leaving just as all of our Norwegian colleagues were starting to come back.

    It was also weird to come back and have everyone talking about coming back from vacation.  Since I'd been away, everyone was asking how my vacation was!  But I was still working and have my vacation planned for next week!
  • I'm a lecturer at a university, as well as doing some archaeological translations, normally from Iceland, but even so I get a LOT more vacation that most UK citizens, which I think is around 5 and a half weeks. I get something closer to five months.
  • 4 weeks

    I think that's pretty standard for Australia

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  • I get four weeks of annual leave, but since I am in hardship post (insecure country with virtually no amenities) I get one week of rest and recuperation (R&R) every ten weeks on top of that.
  • Here in Brazil we have 30 days a year and we're obligated to take it every year within a time limit.
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