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I eat the kitchen when I get home from work!

Okay, not literally, but figuratively, yes. I do SO well the rest of the day - yogurt and fruit or a smoothie for breakfast, salad, nuts, fruit, etc. for lunch. My breakfast and lunch are always balanced and satisfying, but I don't know what happens when I get home from work. Suddenly all will-power goes out the window. I pick at things - cookies, tortilla chips, some cheese - basically whatever happens to be in the house. Plans for a healthy evening meal that seemed so appealing earlier in the day are now scrapped in favour of carb-y, cheesy dishes.

Does anyone else struggle with this (or have you in the past)? What are your best tips and tricks to stop this? I exercise on a regular basis, but cheese and carbs are my down-fall! I don't even think I'm eating out of hunger - more a celebration that I'm home after a long day. (I do try to keep any of my kryptonite foods out of the house, to minimize temptation and bingeing.)

Re: I eat the kitchen when I get home from work!

  • Sounds like you're bored. What do you do when you get home? What time do you normally get home? Instead of eating, try drinking water instead and do something to keep you productive. Clean a room, go outside, etc. If DH isn't home when I get home I do the dishes, workout, take the dogs out to play (well its too cold out now, but in the warmer months). I don't eat anything until dinner is done and H is home to eat with me.  
  • I struggle with this from time to time and certainly have struggled with it quite a bit in the past! My solution - besides doing my best to abstain from buying tempting treats - is to plan my meals for the week, buy those ingredients and stick to it. You can find healthy ways of making cheesy, carby things. For example, I made a taco pie on Sunday using ground turkey instead of ground beef, reduced fat Mexican cheese, and Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Sure, it's not the healthiest meal in the world, but it's better than the original and tastes just as good!
  • I agree to try and meal plan ahead of time.  That way you know early on in the day what is for dinner and I actually find myself getting excited for that dish as the day progresses.  Also, if you get home a bit earlier than dinnertime, can you try going somewhere else after work instead to distract yourself until it is time to start dinner.  Perhaps even a couple weeks of doing this and you'll change your ways and be able to head directly home.  Perhaps the gym or library to kill time?
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