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GASP! I let someone borrow a book!

A new friend of mine came over last night and asked if she could look at my books. I was excited and nervous about this. I don't normally lend books. They are right in the living room, but it was like letting someone look at my soul! lol. I give her the disclaimer that I would be happy to let her borrow one, but there are certain ones that are excluded. Then I proceed to pull out my signed first edition of  The Ocean at The End of the Lane and my first edition of WIMOHB, as well as my signed Maggie books. Of course, she picks The Scorpio Races, which is not signed, but is one of my favorites. She said that she would take good care of it. I told her not to dog ear the pages (I am an a-hole, I know). I swear I would be less nervous having her watch my son. The upside is that if comes back in crappy condition or not at all, I can order a signed one. :) The downside is that if she doesn't like it, we can no longer be friends.



Re: GASP! I let someone borrow a book!

  • At this point, I either don't lend or I just blatantly give it away.


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • Ditto RevJen. One of my best friends borrows books from me all the time and she destroys them. They get wet and wavy, dog-eared pages, bent covers. So she either can't borrow the books she chooses or I add a new copy to my Amazon cart after she leaves.
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