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75 Books in 2015?

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  • I am supposed to go to DH's aunt's house this Sunday for dinner and meet his cousin for the first time, but I am totally bailing on it because I want to watch the Patriots game.  I don't go anywhere when the Patriots are on.  And I don't feel the least bit guilty about it. 
    90 books in 2015?
  • sassypants527sassypants527 member
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    It's really long, but there's a lot going on.

    I'm a basket case of emotion right now because so many things are happening. The biggest is that my poor granny has to have her leg amputated because they effed up her knee replacement. I wish I could be there with her, but she's in Mississippi and I'm in Virginia and under two different deadlines (plus it would cost a fortune to travel right now). My mom is there, which is good. I'm also trying to get my exhibit panels to the printer but the bastards won't give me a quote or return emails lately. I'd take them somewhere else, but I don't know of another local group who can do the size and scope I need. I need these printed before December 16 (I wanted them to go Wednesday so they'd have more than 2 weeks) because that's when I am out for foot surgery and I'm wanted to hang them before I was in a walking cast and unable to stand for long periods of time. This exhibit is supposed to open on Jan 17 and I'll be out of for two weeks after my surgery. And on top of that, the rights to an image I want to use in my exhibit belong to an art museum in Cali that I've been trying to contact for more than a month.  She JUST got back to me Tuesday night (I left my cell and work numbers) and I have to hammer out the logistics with her in order to use the image at the 11th hour. AND I've been asking people at the museum for edits and comments on my panels for weeks now and my one coworker decided to do that on Wednesday late afternoon knowing full well I had planned to send them to the printer that day. I haven't even been able to make the changes she caught because my work week runs Sat-Wed and we have a rule that no one works there alone at night  and I had to teach class yesterday and I'm so fucking tired. No one respects deadlines!!!


    I've also had nice stuff happen, but I haven't been able to fully appreciate the compliments because I'm so stressed out right now. Our newly formed Collection Committee thinks I'm awesome and are giving me mad levels of support and complimenting me on how well I know my shit (it's only taken 2.5 years for board members to even know who I am, much less that I've GOT THIS!), plus the board president is going to get me the fancy rolling archives shelves for my collections storage, which I thought would NEVER happen. The museum's lawyer is notoriously difficult and a control freak but he keeps deferring to my expertise which makes me feel fantastic and competent. Oh, and one of my students paid me a very generous compliment about my sensitivity while teaching about the Holocaust Museum.

  • My sister is due with her first baby on Christmas day. She does not handle pain well at all and hasn't been doing anything to get ready for labor. No lamaze classes, or any of that stuff, and I really suspect her boyfriend won't be the most supportive. He has her fix his plates/drinks and bring them to him but doesn't do the same for her, and when she has braxton-hicks or back pain or heartburn he seems really meh about it, even if she's crying (again, really bad with pain). Neither of them have read any books/websites. They didn't know what I was talking about when I explained the episiotomy. They didn't even know you can't get an epidural right away or that sometimes they don't work.

    Anyway my confession is even though it's all none of my business I've been watching this online lamaze course every day or so for the past few weeks because I'm a worry wart and can't stand the thought of her struggling in labor. She's really young (21) and I want to be able to help if I can.

    My stomach just cramps up at the thought of her being in pain and the epidural not working. I won't be able to handle it. I'm probably stressing about this more than she is and it'll all turn out fine, but ugh.
  • I just have to get through today and then I have a week off for Thanksgiving. The temptation to turn on a movie and call it a day is STRONG.
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  • I'm gonna read instead of work as much as possible today. What did people do before computers and Kindle for PC? Actual work? 

    I mean, I get my crap done, but I love getting a brain break every so often to pop on here or Facebook. I swear, it makes me more productive.
    Vellichor: The strange wistfulness of used bookstores
  • When my sister had kids she started referring to my grandmother as Memaw, she is niece and nephew's great grandmother. I think it was because it's easier to say than grandmother. I know it wouldn't be annoying to me if the kids started calling her that, but they didn't my sister did. So now every time she refers to her as Memaw, especially when it's just my sisters talking to me, it makes me a little crazy.

    Also, everything is on my nerves and making me ragey this week so it's best I retreat back to the rock I've been hiding under so I don't offend or piss off everyone I know.

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  • I just ate a full sized meal.  But I'm still hungry.
    Contemplating making another full sized meal.
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  • I was dreading having to share my office but I won the jackpot and have an awesome colleague.  That said, we get absolutely nothing done when we are both in office at the same time.  All we do is talk!  I now have a ton of work to do over the weekend because we spent the last three hours of the day chatting.  oops!
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