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GTKY - Cart Before Horse - PGR

cinderincinderin member
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I do have a cart (or do I have a horse?)!


Anyway, I have a DS. His name is Martin. Or Marty. I am sure he’ll have the final say on that one when he grows up.


He is 15 months old tomorrow.


We picked his name before we knew if he was a boy or a girl (our girl name was “Elizabeth”).


He is named after Michael J Fox and my Grandpa (but not in that order).


My Grandpa (he is deceased) was 100% Irish and when I was doing our family tree, I saw that there was a “Martin” in each generation all the way back to Ireland (and there as well).


I liked the name because it is easy to spell/pronounce, not popular/trendy and (IMO) was something a kid or adult could live with. A nice, respectable name. I like family names as well. And I think the Irish do a good job with names (the German side of my family tree have some names you wouldn’t want to use).


A few years before we even started talking about TTC, I mentioned casually to DH “what do you think about the name Martin?” DH thought it was awful and said “absolutely not”. I didn’t think about it again after that.


DS went on a business trip the next week and watched “Back to the Future” on the plane. He came home from the trip and declared that “Martin” was going to be our “boy” name. I guess Marty McFly won him over. Hard to argue with that one.


We did a nursery for him. I prefer gender neutral things for kids (JMO) so it is a yellow, orange, red nursery.


I posted pictures in the "TTC" post.


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Re: GTKY - Cart Before Horse - PGR

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