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House of Leaves (sp)

What did you think of House of Leaves? I thought the story idea had a lot of potential, like how creepy would it be to come back from vacation and find that there was a new room in your place? 

In reality, I found it was like a hipster horror novel. It had great ideas but just too over the top with some of the literary devices. I was much more compelled by the main plot with the NVR, even if it was a fake academic account, than I was by following Johnny Truant's journey into madness caused by the book.

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Re: House of Leaves (sp)

  • I'm 2/3 through it and I'm kind of coming to the same conclusion. It's really tedious to read.
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  • I'm only about halfway there and still liking it but it's definitely a challenge to read. I agree that so far I like the "main" story rather than Johnny's. I think even though the main story takes A LOT of detours it brings up a lot of good "food for thought". Like the whole section about modern movie making as far as what technology is capable of etc... (length, editing...)

    I'm glad I'm at least at the part of the book where it moves faster (physically, as in there are fewer words on a page). Plus I've been flipping back and forth reading the appendices as they are suggested so I feel like I've almost finished the last section of the book.
  • I was not a fan.

    I didn't like Johnny's story at all and by the end, I was pretty much scanning it. 

    I thought that the format was unique, but distracting. I could never get lost in the story because I was too busy figuring out how to hold the book or which order I should be reading things in. 
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