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Ideas for a Day in Bed and coconut oil

So my hubby and I have been stationed in two completely different cities(well separate coasts. he's in WA and I'm in SC) since January 14. We Skype, email, call, text etc.... Our communication is great :)

We only saw each other once, back in May and he's going to be here in a couple of weeks for a visit (totally stoked. He just makes me so happy.) and I've got work off so we can spend every possible moment together.

We've tried the whole spend a romantic day in bed together, but we ALWAYS get so bored after a while and end up going on to do other things.

I was hoping to get some recommendations on good massage oils (I'm allergic to lavender), good candles, off the wall ideas that are romantic and fun,
And good foods to eat, which don't really require us to leave the bed too much to eat.
Any one have any experience with coconut oil? I've got nexplanon so we don't use condoms so the whole oil lube breaking down condoms isnt an issue.

Re: Ideas for a Day in Bed and coconut oil

  • Hershey's makes a chocolate frosting/spread for fruit. It doesn't need to be heated and doesn't melt everywhere. That plus some strawberries, bananas, and a spatula (for scooping and spreading the chocolate) makes for some fun times at our house. Don't even need the fruit if you use each other ;)

    Sex games are fun too - we got naughty truth or dare at Barnes and Noble. Its fun, most of it can be done in bed, and you learn stuff about each other too :)
  • These are a great combo of massage oil & candle. You just pour the wax straight onto your partners body. It stays as oil rather than solidifying, but it's also a great tease because although it's nowhere near as hot as normal candle wax it's still a great little pleasure/pain teaser. We've used both, the Jimmy Jane one is a bit cheaper but the Lelo ones have great flavours!

    Also loads of games on that site you could try but if you want something more exciting maybe you should try discussing your fantasies in advance, and you could get the equipment to make it happen? A policewoman's outfit, some restraints, whatever takes your fancy. Just remember if you're going to do the chocolate thing anything containing sugar to close to your nether regions could result in a yeast infection! That'll ruin your fun more than getting bored! : )
  • I must be the most boring person in the world. I saw the day in bed with coconut oil, and the first thing I thought was, "OOOH! You should try oil pulling on your teeth and let me know how it goes!"
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