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Hi everyone.  I've been lurking for sometime now and decided to introduce myself.  I have been married for a little over two years and we will not be having children.  I was told that the delivery process would be rather harmful for me, but I never have had the desire to have a child, so the news wasn't too terrible to take in.  Thankfully, DH and I were able to make the decision together before we got married and decided that it is totally out of the question for us,

I am 30 and my husband is 32.  He has a 12 year old sister and I have a 15 year old nephew and an 8 year old niece.  We both agree that we enjoy spending time with them and being able to give them back at the end of the visit.

We do have a furbaby puppy.  She is a five year old Maltipoo.  She is our only baby and makes our lives so much better!

Glad to be a part of this great board!

Re: Intro

  • Welcome!  I've been on The Nest for a year and only discovered this discussion forum a few days ago, lol.

    I'm childless by choice and my DH has four daughters from previous marriages, so he definitely didn't want anymore children either.  I personally, just never had any desire to have a child.

    He and I do have two fur babies.  An 10-year-old Manx cat named Nip that we got from the pound.  She doesn't have a tail, which is common for her breed.  And Izzy.  We got her from the pound also.  She is about 3-years-old and I've decided her breed is "Terrier Extraordinaire".  She is a medium sized dog who is some type of terrier....we're just not sure exactly what kind(s), lol.

  • Hi Welcome!

    Neither myself or my DH is interested in having any kids. I'm 30 and DH will be 31 tomorrow!  I'm more open in saying no, never, while my DH just keeps saying no not any time in the near future.  When I was younger i thought it might happen one day, but i was never the girl that dreamed of having a bunch of kids. And now that one day is pretty much here, i have zero desire. We both enjoy our life as it is :)

    We have two furbabies.  A 2 yr old cane corso, Ben and a 5 year old kitty, Sam.
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    Welcome, I'm glad to see more people hanging around on this board! 

    DH is 39 and I'll be 31 at the end of the month and quite frankly we're loving life as a childfree couple.  We have 4 furbabies all cats, 3 of them are black aged 10, 5, and 6 and a black and white who is around 8.

    We actually bought a new house in November and upsized a little because I wanted space to entertain my friends and family.  So now I get the, "what are you going to do with a bigger house if you're not going to fill it up with kids?".  Makes me roll my eyes hard.  How does everything seem to come back to having/not having kids?!

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  • Every once in awhile, you'll hear someone say that choosing to not have children is "selfish".  Not that I've had someone say that directly to me, but I own that attitude!

    Yeah, I'm selfish.  I like my time and my money a lot more than mini-mes.  And, so what?  How does my selfishness in that regard affect anyone but me and my DH.  It's not like we are in some population least not the kind that more children would help. 

  • Short+Sassy I totally agree! DH has 7 nieces and nephews between biological and step children. His mother is always on us to have a child she knows we don't want. She actually was disappointed when we told her we were closing on our house, she said "oh so it's not a baby? And I guess you won't be having one soon because you have to get used to homeownership" like that was a bad thing! more than 3 years later still no baby and we're just fine with that.

    To me it's more selfish to expect someone will have one just so you can have a grandchild or niece/nephew whatever that you hardly ever see. I also think it's more selfish for someone to have a baby they don't want just to make everyone else happy.

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