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Update, my loves

So today's appointment went something like this:

Neurologist: SO why are you here today?
Me: because my ENT referred me because I have acoustic neuroma or meningioma.  I have a tumor.
Neurologist: (scanning over MRI pics).  That is correct.  You not need me, you need brain surgeon.
Me: o-k
Neurologist: Here, look (showing me MRI pics at BIG A$$ TUMOR) You have nice brain folds, by the way.
Me: WOW, thanks...if I had a dollar for every time I've heard that, I'd be rich.  Yes, please set me up with brain surgeon as soon as you can.
Neurologist: ok


My new motto, is "I GOT THIS"

I'm going to remain positive and get the surgery and do whatever I can to recover as quickly as possible.  I can't help but laugh at the appointment.  I waited for over 45 minutes for like a 5 minute appointment.  I suppose all my questions will be answered by the brain surgeon soon.

Silly doctors.

 "Live like there's no midnight."


Re: Update, my loves

  • At least you got a compliment out of the deal.  :)


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • I'm sorry that you had to spend all that time to find out that's not where you needed to be!  Good luck with the brain surgeon though.

    And you're right. You've got this!
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  • You really do have this!  Hopefully your next appointment will come with more answers.

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  • I'm still laughing about it.  He really was the cutest little neurologist.  He smiled a lot.  I feel so much better now though--I mean, I know I'll go up and down but I'm determined to see this though and be positive about it. 

     "Live like there's no midnight."

  • fabkfabk member
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    You so got this! >:D<
  • I always suspected you had nice brain folds. I hope you don't have to wait too long to get into the surgeon. ((Katie))

    My new bff Gayle Forman!

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  • I've always been attracted to a good set of brain folds. 

    Your attitude is terrific! Still thinking good thoughts for you. :)
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  • Good for you for finding the humor in the situation! That positive attitude will go a long way! T & P's
  • I am SO using "hey girl, you've got nice brain folds" in my next life as Barney Stinson.

    Sending you lots of positive vibes! Here's hoping you get in to see the neurosurgeon soon! <3
    image imageimage
  • Sending good vibes!  You totally have this!

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  • Check out the folds on Katie! 

    You got this!
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  • I hope the surgeon is just as charming and can fix this thing fast.
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  • Clearly being a bibliophile is the reason for your nice brain folds. ;-)

    Well I am glad the Dr visit wasn't overwhelming. You got this lady.
    DD born 1.25.15

  • I wonder what differentiates nice brain folds from not so nice ones.

    You absolutely have got this!!
  • Good luck with the next doctor. You've got this! And hoorah for good brain folds :-)
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  • Good luck with your next appt!  You have a great attitude and you really DO HAVE THIS!
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  • Great attitude! You will do great!! it is nice to see someone in that kind of position that can make you feel (somewhat) better even though he couldn't do anything for you except complement your brain folds hahaha. It is the worst waiting so long for an appt, pay your ridiculous co pay and only be seen for 5 mins it drives me nuts! Best of luck to you I with be thinking about you!

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  • Thanks!  I am trying to stay positive for sure.  I think I need a shirt that says Hey Girl, you have nice brain folds that I will wear the day of my surgery.  What say you?  Any other ideas? 

    Also, I'm not a very good writer but maybe I can do a blog of how things are going?  I don't know.  I haven't "announced" on facebook yet but when I have surgery my hubby is not going to want to text everyone individually and people will want to know how my brain folds are doing!

     "Live like there's no midnight."

  • Hugs. So many hugs!
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  • I've always admired your brain folds! :)

    (Why did they send you to a Neurologist in the first place?)

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