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What's that ONE THING...

What's that one thing your spouse does that drives you up a wall?
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Re: What's that ONE THING...

  • Sleeps in suuuuuper late on weekends. I don't know why it bugs me so much, but I work Saturday mornings/early afternoons and sometimes I get home at 3pm and he's still in bed.

    It shouldn't bother me, because it doesn't affect me in any way. Just a pet peeve. I've joked that I'm going to start waking him up with the water guns when that happens. xD
  • He can't sit still...ever. :-t

    Sometimes on a Friday night after a long week of work you just want to sit and put your feet up with a glass of wine. But no.. he wants to go dancing, bungee jumping, climbing Mount Everest.. it doesn't matter as long as he is moving and doing something.

    It's funny because that was one of the things that made me love him so much when we first met. He gets me doing stuff! I'm pretty sure if I was single I would have no trouble with only going out once a month (hermit!) He makes me fun :) But sometimes.. I just don't want to be fun! :P
  • ...Do I really have to pick one thing?
  • Trims his beard and then just leaves the hair in the sink. It is absolutely repulsive. 

    I know that I'm not innocent in driving him up the wall either. He calls me the squirrel because I always stash things away and then forget where I put them. Christmas gifts often get found months later. lol
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  • He takes forever getting ready. I'll start getting ready to go out when he's halfway done and I'll be ready before him!! It's like I'm dating a woman lol
  • Not taking the extra 15 seconds to put his dirty dishes into the dishwasher - the one that is sitting right next to the sink he just put the dirty dish into.  


    And it is not as if the dishwasher is clean.  I do not run the dishwasher at night for this very reason.  
  • When I was married it was his weed smoking habits and laziness. Huge messes everywhere!! Oh and cheating. So, I'm happily divorced. lol
  • He eats lots of peanut butter and's his go to snack when he doesn't feel like preparing anything or if I'm not home to cook.

    He then proceeds to leave the peanut butter- doused knife in the sink. Or worse...puts it into a dirty cup filled with water. I am in charge of doing the dishes (long story about how that arrangement was made. ugh). So I have to clean up his crusty peanut butter knives or scummy peanut butter cup water. YUCK!
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    I can tell what my husband has done all day by the trail of items around my house.  Here's where he got dressed.  Here's where he ate breakfast.  Oh look! He made a sandwich!  It's like living with a little kid.  And he doesn't even notice he does it, that's the worst part!

    And when he puts the dishes away, he'll leave a few on the counter.  When I make my coffee in the morning, I have to push aside or put away clean dishes just to get to the coffee maker.  I constantly have to say "putting a pan on the stove doesn't mean it's put away".  
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  • At 3 AM he drops has basketball shorts on the dining room floor to put on his set out work clothes. I would be perfectly content if he merely put them on the chair. I have slipped and fallen on them during the night.

    When he gets home he puts his barn clothes in the laundry closet. Also, in the dining room and doesn't close the door all the way. Then proceeds to ask me every single night where his shorts are. I.Picked.Them.Up.Dear.

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  • Every time I read this post title, I start singing "The Time of My Life." Thanks for that!

    "You're the ONE THING... I can't get enough of. So I'll tell you SOME-THING: This could be love. Be-cause I-----'ve had the time of my LI------IFE...."

  • My husband is a terrible procrastinator. He takes forever to get around to completing tasks that he has agreed to. 

    It took him SIX MONTHS to move heavy boxes out of our foyer. Our bathroom was just painted after A YEAR of me asking repeatedly and the finally screaming at him a few weeks ago. My husband would not get a cell phone for THREE YEARS. I was stuck downtown because of transit issues and I couldn't reach him to come pick me up...this happened twice before he finally got a cell phone. 
  • My little pet peeve is he almost always goes to bed before me and will lay on TOP of the covers in the summertime.  So then, when I come to bed, I have to half wake him up to get OFF the covers so I can climb in.  EVERY. NIGHT.  It's summer, it's hot, I get it.  But then push the covers to the side if you don't want them on you. 

    The big pet peeve is also procrastination and (warning) more of a rant.  He was laid off a year ago and still hasn't found another job. I suspect some of that has to do with him not looking nearly as much as he should.

    So, okay, he's unemployed.  The house I bought that we live in was a foreclosure and still needs a lot of work.  So, hey...I'll at least have him get a lot of these projects done while he has the time.  My house is still only half painted for the last six months.  The seating area for our fire pit is still separate stones in three piles :(.  Granted, he has done a good bit in that regard...but not when I consider that it has been a YEAR.

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