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BR Emma Approved

Has anyone else watched the youtube series "Emma Approved"?  It's a modern story based on Emma by Jane Austen.  There are around seventy 5 minute episodes and the series just wrapped up this week.   I didn't like it quite as much as the Lizzie Bennett Diaries, but it was still very sweet.   And I heard that the actor who plays Knightly and the actress that plays Emma are dating in real life - which is the kind of geeky romantic thing that I adore. :)

Re: BR Emma Approved

  • I've gotten through most of  the episodes, but I keep letting it go. I loved Lizzie Bennet SO much. This one isn't as good, IMO, but I still enjoy it when I do get around to watching it. 
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  • I watched them all as they came out in the beginning, but then I got behind and I never caught up. I keep meaning to, but I just never do, which I think is because it just isn't as compelling as LBD. I really want to love it but it's just not as good.
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  • I started watching it in the beginning but stopped with every intention to start up eventually. I loved LBD so much, it's hard to think something else would be as addictive.

    I do think it's adorbs that Knightley and Emma are an IRL couple though. 
  • I've never heard of this but I'm really curious now!
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