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Would you go to a romantic destination with your in-laws?

NestCaylaNestCayla admin
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Would you go to a romantic destination with your in-laws? 14 votes

Um, no way!
21% 3 votes
Sure, why not?
50% 7 votes
Only if they're paying!
28% 4 votes

Re: Would you go to a romantic destination with your in-laws?

  • edited July 2014
    How romantic can a place be if "romance" is all it has going for it?  There's GOT to be something else to enjoy which I wouldn't mind doing with my in-laws.

    So the choice is really, "would I travel with my in-laws?", and yes I have and would again.
  • GilliCGilliC member
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    No, but that's probably because I don't really think most destinations are particularly "romantic."

    What does "romantic destination" mean? I'm not sure I would split a hotel suite with a heart-shaped vibrating bed with my in-laws. Or go to some other sex-themed location. I think that would be weird.

    If you're talking about something like a trip to Paris or a private villa on a tropical beach, then sure I would go with my in-laws, but then I probably wouldn't consider it a "romantic destination." I think "romantic" applies more to the trip than the destination. And my in-laws being there probably makes the trip much less romantic!
  • DH and I went to a Sandals resort with my parents (so, his in-laws) once.  It's not bad as long as you're not staying the same room or villa.  We stayed on totally separate floors than my parents, so we had plenty of privacy and time to ourselves.  It was great because it was over Thanksgiving and normally we would've traveled to their house, all been in close quarters, people arguing over cooking and cleaning, while freezing our butts off.  Instead we were all relaxing in the Bahamas!
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  • DH & I went on a cruise with my dad.  We spent a weekend at the beach with his parents a few months ago.  We toured Ireland with a lot of my family members.  As others have said, you can always sneak away for quality time with your spouse.  
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